Say SP-ahhhhhhh!

Results from our recent poll are in and the House Doctor orders “say sp-ahhhhh”!

In our recent poll, we asked: “In your next home, what type of master bathroom suite will you plan for?” The results from strongest to weakest preferences are as follows: 

   – Luxurious suite with spa tub and shower (68.42%)
   – Large shower but no bath (23.68%)
   – No master bath – shared family bathroom (5.26%) 
   – Powder room only (2.63%)
   – With soaker tub , no shower (0%)

Our realtor friends constantly stress that the best areas to recoup investment in a home are kitchens and bathrooms. Even beyond these spaces giving you joy, they will also help build the value of your home. Ideas for your next bathroom are readily available with dedicated magazines, websites and specialty showrooms. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we regularly share articles from designers who inspire us.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll and we want to hear from you again.  Our new question to ponder is the home office. Visit the  DrummondHousePlans website and share your feelings about home workspace.

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  1. vmartin at 3 h 10 min

    Great comments! Large showers that fit two comfortably without calisthetics are becoming quite popular. The added benefit is the option of full enclosure and adding steam for an at-home therapy session any time you want it!

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