House Models with Elevator

House Models with Elevator

In order to answer the increasing requests from the population, Drummond House Plans has decided to re-design three of its top-selling home designs, to incorporate an elevator.

In fact, it involves three very popular house plans: a Country style design, a charming European home and a luxury European mansion, already in existence here. Modifications have been made to these homes in order to integrate an elevator in each one of them.

There are many reasons why our customers are looking for houses with elevators. Among other things, we find baby-boomers or the elderly with reduced mobility but are otherwise completely self-sufficient, as well as families where one family member has reduced mobility.

Home Elevator

Home Elevator by

Last January, during our annual meeting of Drummond House Plan Agencies, we had the opportunity to have as a guest, the Savaria Concord company.

They specialize in finding accessibility solutions in North America. Amongst these solutions were stair chair lifts, platforms as well as elevators themselves. Able to modify plans from its collection, Drummond House Plans also specializes in the exclusive concept of plans for new homes according to your needs as well as renovation plans and home addition designs for your existing home, among others, integrating an elevator!

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Daughter of Drummond House Plans founders, I was only 3 years old when my parents started the company, which explain my passion for residential architecture! I love travelling, red wine and HGTV! Mother of three beautiful young adults and co-owner of Drummond House Plans since 2002 with my best friend and husband, Yves Carignan.

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  1. Vivian Martin at 11 h 08 min

    What a wonderful addition to the list of available plans! With a vibrant retirement community on the west coast, these popular designs allow people to age gracefully within a graceful home.

  2. PMM Properties at 23 h 15 min

    Built in elevators are a luxury I haven’t seen in many South African homes, but I can see the value, especially in multi-story dwellings housing people with reduced mobility. It is a really nice feature to have in a multi-story home, even from a perspective of getting stuff from one level to another, with the minimum of fuss.

  3. David Rochelle at 23 h 25 min

    This is something we need to have as an option in more home plans. As we age stairs get harder and if companies could make them an affordable option I think people would stay in their homes longer. Besides moving is a major headache. Elevators would also increase resale value. I am only 55 now and I can do stairs but I have problems with mobility an I don’t know how long I could keep it up.

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