Why not purchase it now?

It’s funny how we are sometimes, and how predictable we sometimes are as consumers.  I include myself of course!
Need a barbecue for the summer?  Many of us run to our local hardware store and purchase the most powerful, hotest looking thing there is. 
It was on sale in February and we all know they are going to be on sale again in mid summer, but we gotta have it now!  Again, bare in mind, I can clearly see myself in this pattern!

How about buying a Christmas tree in August?  Or an inflatable pool in January?

I could go through a list of hundreds of items that we purchase without planning.  And don’t get me wrong, we don’t see many people buying shovels in July just because they’re on special.  I know I wouldn’t! Not after the winter we just had.  I don’t want to see a shovel before new years!

My main point is,  if you have an idea of what your needs will be for the fall season, it’s always a good thing, financially speaking, to plan ahead.  If you plan to buy a new television for example, summer’s one of the best moments to purchase one.   Come october, month when we all start getting the “I just want to cuddle up” mood, many businesses will be waiting to sell you the same television you saw on sale 2 months before now full price!  We all know this of course but rarely do we plan these types of purchases.

A good item to plan a purchase for, at this time of year, is a wood stove.  The best time to buy something is when it’s out of season.  You’ll be happy you have it when the “mood” I was refering starts settling in…

As for me, I still can’t get around to purchasing a Christmas tree on Boxing day!  Someone’s bound to be happy to see me pay full price for it in december!

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