A timeless home with terraces

Classic design is often enduring as a timeless home with terraces and subsequent model versions whose delightful design makes an elegant statement that is appreciated by homeowners and remains popular…Read more

Contemporary chalet

Inspired by model 2955, this contemporary chalet plan, # 3966 , has borrowed certain interior features of the original with a modern update on the outside. The designer has chosen a practical car…Read more

Elegance full of potential

A double garage in the front of this cottage complements its distinct styling that abounds with elegance full of potential. The double dormers above the garage and the covered porch…Read more

10 inspiring ways to fence-in you space!

You like the look and feel of nature...how about a green fence cloaked in ivy or a cedar hedge or other kind of shrub like lilac. You can even opt…Read more

In perfect harmony

Created in the spirit of plan 2945, this model has been developed in perfect harmony with a site that has panoramic views, with its the service entrance at the side…Read more

Housing blended families

Inspired by Jennifer Larocque's original article Step-families are a part of today's reality. With more and more half-brothers and half-sisters among the millions of children throughout, harmonious family life and housing blended families has…Read more