ES – a new standard in home plans and planning

ES – a new standard in home plans and planning

In the near future, Drummond House Plans will be introducing plan models with the ES suffix   What does ES mean? ES is short for Environmentally Superior. We're not just…Read more

Residential Wood Heating

If you heat with wood now or are considering the use of wood fuel for home heating, this book is for you. Wood as a home energy source differs in…Read more

Energy Efficiency Series – What makes a “Built-Green” Home Different?

    Built Green™ promotes construction of buildings that are healthier for the occupants and healthier for the environment. Sustainable or “green” building practices can reduce the tremendous impact that…Read more

Zero Energy Homes—Affordable Zero Energy and Net Zero Homes Are Now Available and Viable

At DrummondHousePlans, we strive to educate ourselves and share information regarding building trends and technology advancements. We encountered this article in Ideal Living Magazine and thought it would be of…Read more