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December 6th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

a guest post by Joshua Bing

Living in a small house can get a little bit tedious sometimes and you might dream of the day you win the lottery so you can buy somewhere bigger. You can’t deny there are not some great benefits to living somewhere smaller. I don’t hear anyone complaining about having to do less housework and they don’t seem to mind that repairs are a lot cheaper. People love the fact they can spend more quality time with their family because everyone is huddled closely together.

Then after a while there is a need for more space because the family members are suffocating them. Spending less time cleaning doesn’t matter because once it’s done you still have to sit in a room you consider to be too small. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Is this something you’re going through at the moment because you don’t think your home is big enough? Check out some of these great ways to make your home look and feel bigger which will make you feel great.
Knock down a wall or two
If your walls aren’t part of the foundations of the house you will be able to knock them down. Why would you possibly want fewer rooms? Well it’s nice having a lot of rooms, but when you have lots of small ones it’s not exactly doing you any favors. If you can knock down a few walls your home will completely open up and it will give you the impression of being somewhere much bigger. It’s not the hardest job in the world to do although it’s not something you can do yourself.



Turn somewhere into a room
You have an attic, basement, and possibly a garage that could easily be turned into a brand new room. Are you using any of them for something special at the moment? If your attic is just the place you keep all your junk then maybe you would benefit from throwing all your junk out and turning it into an extra bedroom. If you want to build a gym then the basement would be the perfect place for it. Your home probably has the potential to be amazing, but you just need to get creative.


Add more windows
When you have a small room it will always look like a cave unless you have a lot of natural light coming into it. How big are your windows at the moment? If they are only small then getting someone to come and put more in could be an excellent idea. Not only will the room look bigger because there is more light coming in, but because you can see much more of the outside world you will feel it’s more spacious compared to only seeing what is enclosed inside the four walls.


Hang some mirrors
When you hang lots of mirrors around your home it means you get to stop and admire how pretty you are every time you walk past one. I’m just joking and you don’t need to be vain to hang mirrors because they do actually make you think your home is bigger. Instead of looking outside the window and seeing more space you look into the mirror and you can see an exact replica of your room inside the frame. That means subconsciously you will be thinking you see space that’s double the size of what you would see without the mirror.



Start using shelves
Everything inside our home is as low as it can possibly be. There might be a few exceptions and the television is one if you hang it on the wall, but all the other big pieces of furniture will lie on the floor. That means you don’t have much space to walk about, but you do have all this space higher up that is just sitting there doing nothing. When you start using shelves  you can put as much stuff as possible on them and suddenly the ground opens up and there is more room to walk about.


Have a good clear out
If you have anything that doesn’t need to be inside your home then do you really need to keep it? There is no reason in this day and age why anyone would want to keep hold of stuff that was just getting in the way. Why don’t you bite the bullet and throw it all out. You could even choose a worthy cause and donate it to charity. Don’t feel like you need to get rid of everything because even if you only say goodbye to the stuff you will never use again it will create a ton of space.




Author Bio:

Today’s guest author, Joshua Bing, is a freelancer. One of his clients, Habitat 1, is a national, multi-faceted interior design and construction company whose works include all aspects of retail, hospitality and commercial office fit outs. He enjoys sharing effective yet simple ways for doing up the house via his articles.

January 17th, 2013
By Vivian Martin

The thing to remember is that you really don’t need much room in a living room. A living room is for socializing, for gazing at the fire or for watching TV. Mostly, it is for conversation. You do not need space to do yoga in the living room. In fact, as long as you can walk around the coffee table, you’re fine.

You can pack a lot of style into 100 square feet. But whether you lean toward traditional or like to go boho eclectic, making a small living room work is all about choosing a focus and arranging the right furniture in the right configuration.

Follow the slide show for 11 well-done gems in as many different styles:




November 24th, 2012
By Vivian Martin - Plan # 3131-V2, Erindale 3 – Plan # 3131-V2, Erindale 3

Sleek lines, modern windows and contemporary exterior finishes create a serene and elegant façade.

Enter to discover an enclosed foyer with closet to organize shoes and coats allowing you to step within to your own personal Zen. An open concept living and activity area benefits from subtle separation without cutting off any areas. A surprisingly generous kitchen includes an island eating bar and easily flows to the adjoining dining area.

The sleeping wing includes two bedrooms or a master plus den/office which is so popular with empty nesters or professional couples. A generous bathroom boasts a host of amenities including laundry closet, separate shower and soaker tub, and ample storage.
An unfinished basement could be developed to suit one’s tastes with additional bedrooms, media room or fitness space… or all of the above!

With a small footprint, this lovely home is easy on the budget and nurturing to the soul!

For more details on this plan, click here…

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March 1st, 2012
By Vivian Martin


The role of the kitchen in our homes has changed dramatically over the years. What used to be a space simply used for food preparation has now become the hub of the home. Today, cooking is accompanied by a greater variety of activities such as entertaining, socialising, dining, working, laundry etc. As our use of the kitchen has changed, the technology that is used within it has had to adapt to meet our needs.

Nobody knows what the kitchen of the future will look like but with each new technological advancement the realms of possibility are extended ever further. In order to find out what exactly we can expect to see in terms of technology in the kitchen appliances of the future Freshome spoke to Stefano Marzano, the newly appointed Chief Design Officer at Electrolux, one of the global leaders in home appliances and appliances for professional use.

Read more on this interview on the future of kitchen technology from Freshome

September 17th, 2011
By Vivian Martin - Plan # 3131 - Plan # 3131

Cascading gables and lovely shuttered windows add charisma to this efficient cottage. Step in off the covered entry and you’ll enjoy the open concept floor plan. A generous island provides separation for the kitchen and space for light meals and visiting all at the same time.

Three bedrooms share a bathroom with soaker tub and separate shower and a laundry closet is located in the hall for the convenience of all of the bedrooms.

If more space is required, a full basement offers the opportunity for expanded living or storage space.

For more details on this plan, click here

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June 11th, 2011
By Vivian Martin - Plan # 3117 - Plan # 3117

Similar to the popular Drummond model 2192, this plan takes a more traditional or “craftsman” approach to design. This is achieved with a simplified exterior and plenty of windows in the dining room, as well as natural materials such as a combination of stone-veneer clad walls and the shingle siding which softly contrasts to the stone.

Inside, we find a flowing semi-open activity area, with the living room highlighted by a partially vaulted ceiling to capture light from the arched feature window. The kitchen with island is within easy reach of a charming dining area which is surrounded by windows on three sides. The bedroom area is separate from the main living area and boasts two comfortable bedrooms including a forward-oriented master bedroom with large closet. The bathroom features a corner shower and independent bath.

Effectively double the efficient 1068 square feet of living space by developing the unfinished basement.

For more details on this plan, click here…

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January 22nd, 2011
By Vivian Martin - Plan # 2268 - Plan # 2268

It’s all one level really needs—1231 sq. ft., one bedroom, one bath and lots of beautiful space to spread out. A modified formal entry greets a welcoming layout with dining room, family room with fireplace, and kitchen-breakfast area. A luxurious full bath with central tub, shower room and private toilet has dual access, one reserved for master bedroom privacy.

A two-bedroom option is included with the plans and an unfinished basement allows for a bit more space for additional bedrooms if desired or perhaps a media room?

For more details on this plan, click here…

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January 3rd, 2011
By Vivian Martin

It’s the time of year when forecasters announce trends for the upcoming year. Several interesting trends for home design have recently caught my eye, and whether or not they are the trends that are being talked about, they are ones that I’d love to see more of in 2011 and beyond.

November 6th, 2010
By Vivian Martin - Plan # 4919 - Plan # 4919

Narrow lot? Vacation getaway? This home is a popular model for all seasons and reasons. Charming alpine chalet-style details in this home include an asymmetrical steep roofline, unique angled entrance, and ornamental window and roof details.

Within, we find an amazing use of 1295 sq. ft. – vaulted ceiling living area, two bedrooms, two family rooms and two bathrooms. Even the eat-in kitchen has a large feeling. While the main floor features one bedroom with shower room, the second story hosts a second bedroom with generous walk-in closet, full bath and separate family room that could easily transition to bedroom #3.

An undeveloped basement provides options for storage, work or play!

For more details on this plan, click here…

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October 2nd, 2010
By Vivian Martin - Plan # 2187-V2 - Plan # 2187-V2

Four graceful columns elegantly frame the front windows and door of this engaging bungalow. Neighbors will be asking for a tour as soon as you move in!

Of course, visitors are in for a treat. An open concept keeps everyone involved whether they are lounging in the living room or whipping up tasty treats in the open kitchen, or enjoying the brightly windowed dining area. Don’t let the small size fool you, this little bungalow lives large!

For more details on this plan, click here…

Looking for other one-storey home options? Check our Bungalow and One-Level House Plan Collection or Create  a “New House Plans – Latest Trends” Alert to receive all of the latest designs direct to you by email.


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