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May 30th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Drummond House Plans (basement apartment homes) no. 3117-V2

The mortgage helping home!

Without a doubt, plan 3117 is a popular model, as is plan 3107 with its 3 bedrooms that has made it one of our best sellers. Drummond House Plans’ designers developed plan 3117-V1 with a bachelor apartment in the basement to create a model that is sure to gain favor with those looking for a multigenerational or mortgage-helping home.

The main level offers two bedrooms with an increase in both width and depth of 2’ that permits the addition of a laundry area on the main floor and enough space for a computer desk in the corner of the living room. The third bedroom in the basement and a second living room, which can be used as a playroom for younger children or a home theater, is sure to be a welcome feature of this plan.

House plans and floor plans with basement apartment

The bachelor apartment in the basement has its own, separate entrance and a well designed kitchen/living room with separate bathroom and laundry area that have been planned with both the owner and tenant in mind to enhance the relationship between the two!

Discover more basement apartment home by visiting our Bachelor Basement Apartment collection !

May 31st, 2012
By Vivian Martin

With many planning offices touting densification, the lowly garage has some lofty potential! In laneway settings, many cities now allow, or are looking into allowing the inclusion of a separate dwelling unit or work studio. Even when a laneway is not present, your zoning may allow the building of such a unit. 

Drummond House Plans has a number of garage designs with bonus or flex space above the garage which could be ideal for this situation. An outbuilding like this could provide valuable space for storage, a studio, home office, workshop, guest quarters, in-law suite or even a rental unit as a mortgage helper. You can also visit our carriage house plans section if you are looking for a carriage house or a garage with apartment. If you would like to customize your detached garage plan, garage plans with apartment or Carriage house plans, our Plan Modification Services can help you determine a base budget for your construction plans.

A few of our popular models are featured below: - Plan # 3935, The Saddlery - Plan # 3935, The Saddlery

Model 3935, “The Saddlery” is a popular unit as an outbuilding or a secondary dwelling unit. It has even been used as a temporary residence while the main house is being built and then converted to a guest suite or mortgage helper! - Plan # 3980, The Glide-Away - Plan # 3980, The Glide-Away

Model 3980, “The Glide-Away” presents a blank slate on the second level and can be configured to taste by the DrummondHousePlans customization department. With three garage stalls, a separating wall could easily be added to allow for integrated parking for the suite while maintaining 2 stalls for the main house. - Plan # 2933, The Murphy - Plan # 2933, The Murphy

Narrow options? Model # 2933, “The Murphy” is as versatile as a Murphy Bed! A mere 24-feet wide, it allows for ample parking and features two bedrooms and covered deck. 

Of course, you should contact your planning department to find out what the zoning options are for your location. If zoning does not currently allow laneway houses or secondary dwelling units, a case could be made if sufficient demand arose. We would love to speak about your secondary dwelling unit project. Feel free to contact DrummondHousePlans with your specific request.

May 12th, 2012
By Vivian Martin - Plan # 3933, Morgan's Walk - Plan # 3933, Morgan's Walk

Is it a carriage house or a vacation getaway? This tidy little garage with apartment above works well as either!

The exterior puts a pleasing face forward with a simple roofline, generous windows and attractive corbel detailing. The main level provides plenty of space for two vehicles (or one and lots of toys!) and the foyer is accessed either from within the garage or by the front entry. Hobbyists and outdoor enthusiasts will love the washroom on the main floor as well.

Upstairs, the main living area features an open concept with country kitchen, adjoining living area, two bedrooms with Jack-and-Jill bathroom, and even a laundry room. A deck off the middle landing of the stairs provides space for outdoor grilling or relaxation.

Models such as this are popular as secondary suites for inlaws, guests or income potential, not to mention as efficient vacation getaways with secure storage.

For more details on this plan, click here.

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June 18th, 2010
By Vivian Martin

The Murphy - Plan # 2933 - Plan # 2933

Much like the Murphy Bed, our Murphy is a wondrous bit of efficiency and flexibility. A slender 24-foot width allows it to be slipped onto infill lots, into eco-communities or as a charming guesthouse or mother-in-law suite with the added benefit of a two-car garage!

The entry provides generous cover from the weather as well as access to the garage. Once inside, one finds a generous coat closet and bench seating . Just beyond is a  powder room, easily accessed from the garage or main entry. An interior door is conveniently located at the base of the stairs, so it is a breeze to whisk groceries straight up and into the kitchen. Due to virtually no halls, the upstairs is able to include two bedrooms, a full bathroom, country kitchen, living room, laundry and an enjoyable screened balcony, with grilling platform.

We have rendered this model with a simple finish but it can easily be dressed up to suit any neighbourhood. The many possibilities presented by this plan make it one of our perennial favourites!

For full plan details, click here…

For other narrow lot designs, please visit our Narrow Lot Collection or try our Advanced Search to get even more specific with your requirements.

May 3rd, 2010
By Richard Martin - BC Distributor

With our participation in a number of Home Shows across BC, we have discovered the popularity of the small but mighty Carriage House. Historically, a ”Carriage house” (also referred to as Coach house) was an outbuilding, literally for the storage of carriages. It was common for manors to include living space above for the on-call carriage staff. As lifestyles evolved, so too did the use of this versatile space. In modern versions of this structure, the space above is suitable as a hobby or business studio, guest suite, or a fully-equipped residence.

Many city planners are embracing the idea of densification – zoning for a secondary dwelling unit on existing properties to prevent urban sprawl. Zoning to allow these units also helps to prevent the building of illegal suites and ensures that these units are built to code. Vancouver has embraced the concept of “Eco-Density”. Laneway housing was approved in Vancouver in 2009 and a monitoring report was recently posted to their Eco-Density Initiative website. Many other communities are looking at densification strategies. Sooke and Nanaimo are two other communities which allow for the building of secondary dwelling units.

By definition, a Laneway house may be a single or multi-storey unit and does not necessarily include enclosed parking. Some incorporate a sleeping loft to increase useable space while maintaining a small foundation footprint. Plan #3932

If space and privacy allows, these units can be a wonderful mortgage-helper or a handy way to give older (or younger) family members some privacy in an in-law suite while still being able to keep an eye on one another without a full renovation of the main home. You may also find that building a carriage house is an ideal interim dwelling while you build your vacation or country home!

Have a chat with your city planning office to find out if Carriage Houses or Laneway houses are allowed or planned for in your area and what the allowed dimensions are. The Drummond House Plans modification team can easily customize any of the Carriage or Cottage House Plans  to suit your specific needs or work with you to create a custom plan to compliment your existing home.

October 8th, 2009
By Richard Martin - BC Distributor

Last month I received an email from a very ambitious soul in Sooke, BC asking if we had ever considered turning some of our shed designs into home plans. At first I thought she meant using the style as the basis for a home design or a Carriage House Plan, but after a number of emails and phone calls her mission was clear – tiny, tiny, tiny (tiny house plans)! Lois turned out to be a wonderful person and a really creative thinker. She wanted to embrace the idea of adding multiple dwellings on her Sooke property in accordance with new zoning which allowed for densification.

The idea of micro-living intrigued me so it was time for some research. 
After much digging on the web and calling different city halls around BC, I came to understand that Lois’ idea is more than just a concept – it is now a reality. Many regions are allowing additional dwellings to be added to properties as separate living units for grandparents, renters, and the increasingly common “boomerang children”. These dwellings are sized in accordance with local building by-laws and can be as small as 300 square feet which is, amazingly, in accordance with the National Building code of Canada. Formalizing densification also addresses the issue that there were illegal (and often unsafe) dwellings being added to properties.

Drummond House Plans - Tiny House Plan no. 2923

Drummond House Plans - Tiny House Plan no. 2923

Still the question begs to be asked, “Why would someone want to build (or live in) a home the size of a shed?” From a user’s point of view, a tiny house would be perfect for someone needing independence, low maintenance, affordability, and safety. From a city planner’s perspective, it addresses affordable housing and densification mandates.  From a landlords perspective it’s a small space to independently house a family member or generate income to help out with mortgage payments. From city hall’s perspective it is additional tax revenue. When you look at it from all of these perspectives, tiny houses make sense.

Can a person comfortably live in a space so small? One need only ask people with live-aboard boats and RV’s that very question. With careful planning and paring down to necessities, both groups of people would say “absolutely”! Of course, it may be quite challenging for a young or growing family but “living small” is an ecological and social challenge that some are happy to embrace.

For the purpose of definition, Drummond House Plans classifies a tiny house as a dwelling which is under 1100 square feet. These houses are frequently fawned over as being darned cute and amazingly efficient. These homes also have the added benefit of having a smaller carbon footprint and are ideal for areas which embrace high-density housing. 

Thank you, Lois, for starting this conversation. We look forward to adding more designs to our available Drummond Tiny House Plans for people just like you.

April 27th, 2009
By Marie-France Roger

Store your bicycles, garden tools, recreational toys & other seasonal necessities like snow blowers and swimming pool gear in the creative NEW shed plans that Drummond House Plans‘ has planned. Saving space and making room, either way you look at it, this Drummond designs’ collection of sheds is dedicated to providing you with storage solutions.

Shed plan 2963-16 by

Shed Plan 2963-16 by

To get a custom shed plan or a playhouse plan to match your existing or future house, please contact Drummond House Plans’ customization department or call 1-800-567-5267.

If you are looking for a larger storage solution, visit our detached garage designs collection. 

Garage Plan 3981 by

Garage Plan 3981 by

For those who are searching for extra space for your in-laws, review our garage plans with apartment collection.

Garage Plan with Apartment / Mother-in-law Suite (Plan 3935) by

Garage Plan with Apartment / Mother-in-law Suite (Plan 3935) by


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