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March 18th, 2014
By Marie-France Roger

Knowing how important the kitchen design is when building a new home, I wanted to share this article with you, from Country Living.  It consists of a survey summary of people who are planning or are in the process of renovating their existing kitchen.  You’ll find interesting comments and wonderful Kitchen Design Photos, that will inspire you!

Kitchen Design Photos and Trends

“Kitchen renovation here we come!

Houzz, one of our favorite websites, recently released the results of their kitchen trends study. The home decor site polled 7,812 registered Houzz users in the U.S. and Canada who are either planning to or currently in the middle of remodeling their homes. While some results weren’t that surprising (wood floors and kitchen islands are high on homeowners’ wish lists), other stats threw us for a loop. ” …  Click here to read the full article from Country Living >>

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October 21st, 2013
By Jennifer Larocque

Satisfaction ensues from something in which ones own personal taste is reflected.

A kitchen island that has been designed to meet your particular needs is no different and, depending on the available space, can turn a fabulous idea into a functional addition to the most popular space in the house!

Contemporary kitchen island – The Urban look

Something as small as contemporary light fixtures or a back-splash with clean, modern lines can change the whole look of your kitchen. Simple, trendy and chic, Jenn suggests getting the “urban” feel by keeping the colors neutral with tones of grey, black, brown, white or beige.

Discover our contemporary collection in which an Urban style of kitchen would be right at home!


Country kitchen island – a touch of red!

On a white back drop, vibrant red as an accent will bring life to the kitchen!

A warm and inviting look for a country kitchen, perfect for those found in our country, craftsman, or ranch and farmhouse plan collections


A “decoratable” island!
This type of island in the kitchen is multi-functional because it serves to embellish and to de-clutter the kitchen. By writing on the chalk board you can have an inspired, dynamic decoration that shares the (motivational) thought or the recipe of the day, children’s sketches or anything else that strikes your fancy…This kind of island adds a cozy feeling to the kitchen because each one can add their personal touch!

The picture below shows an island on wheels that is a convenient feature which enables it to be moved when required.


A black and white kitchen for a contemporary feel
Luxury is assured with a kitchen accessorized in black and white, they go so well together that even the YinYang (ultimate symbol of balance) is in black and white.

Have fun with shapes!
For a dynamic change to the feeling of your kitchen, why not deviate from the usual shape for your kitchen island, cupboards or flooring…


Create, innovate, enhance!
Here is a perfect example…


Wood and concrete in the kitchen… 
This is one of Jenn’s favorite looks and it combines the warmth of wood with the understated beauty and durability of cement to make a trendy but timeless statement. The grey of the concrete is a shade that goes remarkably well with the wood tones to impart warmth to the kitchen which seems to reach out and make you want to cook something!


A kitchen island with a European or Mediterranean feel

This style is recognizable by the wood blended with earthy, natural tones and “monastery” style light fixtures, butcher block table and cupboards that show off the dishes through windowed doors.

A perfect style of kitchen for a Mediterranean inspired design

Blue or bright colors in the kitchen
Blue is a strong and bright color which is very popular in ocean side decoration. Blue in the kitchen, as a focal point or accessories, has the potential to completely change the look depending on how much is used. A tropical feeling that would enhance the kitchen of a Florida style home is assured with this color


Bench seating as a decorative feature

Bench seating is always a focal point, no matter what style of kitchen it finds itself in. In the picture below the kitchen is country style and the bench seating defines a bright little breakfast nook area of the dining room. The owners of this home are lucky enough to have a beautifully windowed corner in which to enjoy the greenery of the outside environment while starting their day!


October 4th, 2013
By Jennifer Larocque

Here are a few examples that we hope will inspire you when deciding on how to finish that little bit of wall between the counter and cabinets that will reflect your taste and enhance the beauty of your kitchen, no matter what the style.

Whether country, Mediterranean or contemporary this relatively small space is one of the main decorative elements in the kitchen and your choice can complete the look and add to your enjoyment of this room.
As a bonus, we have added links to the style of house plan that has inspired the backplash ideas’ pictures.

Stone backsplash ideas

A kitchen with a stone backsplash would look splendid in a Craftsman/Country style home


If you enjoy antique accessories this distressed, gray mirror (tile backsplash ideas) would fit perfectly in one of our  Victorian style homes


This kind of look would be perfect in a modern kitchen, why not check out our collection of contemporary house plans


To give a European feeling to the kitchen, one of my favorite backsplash materials is brick, which imparts a historical depth to the kichen decor and would fit perfectly in a Mediterranean style kitchen


Very smart and practical backsplash ideas & backsplash photos

For a unique touch that will blend with many different styles, how about slate or an actual chalk board to blend practical with whimsical.


Don’t forget the clean, classic look of white on white using subway tiles as a durable, low maintenance backsplash that cleans-up in a breeze!


Marble backsplash photos

The timeless luxury of marble (marble backsplash ideas) is an exquisite addition to your luxurious kitchen that will please the senses


Wood is a natural for siding the exterior of your home, but how about as a decorative statement inside your home. Particularly suited to urban style homes the hard wood back-splash works well in a contemporary kitchen and has its place in a chalet to impart added warmth and ambiance.

 Tile backsplash photos and ideas

If white is not your thing, a pale or pastel colored ceramic tile will give depth to the kitchen space.


Geometric designs on the wall add an interesting focal point

 Natural stone backsplash photos and ideas

Natural stone in a more modern or urban style creates a “zen” feeling in the kitchen


A black back-splash makes a dramatic statement


A pretty country kitchen that uses the warmth of wood and a beautiful geometric pattern in a subdued color and would be perfect in a ranch style home or a rustic style cottage.


Black and white for a dramatic combination

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June 6th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the home.

Like it or not, we spend a major amount of time in or around the kitchen cooking, doing dishes, homework, chatting, etc…
Here are a few tips on making the kitchen more attractive and at the same time easier to use!

DIY tips for an affordable kitchen makeover !

1. Decorate with everyday dishes


2. Exposed accessories can impart a certain charm

3. A homemade cabinet offers a place for everything and everything in its place!

4. Display your own “secret ingredients” in a variety of beautiful containers

5. Add style to your shopping list


April 22nd, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve
Original article by Jennifer Larocque translated by Deb Villeneuve
In recent years, the trend to decorating with both black and white has not ceased to maintain its popularity.
The impact can be used to add a contemporary feel to bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, living and dining rooms that marries well with almost any style.
In large or small doses, the multitude of nuances can create an elegant, luminescent, dramatic or chic feeling to the room.

Use the following ideas as inspiration for creating the ambiance that reflects your unique style.

a Black on Black atmosphere creates a statement
For those who want a total look, maximizing black to create backdrop and to avoid a heavy feeling the use of different textures and finishes plays on reflection of light to create subtle yet interesting effects, enhanced with the most subtle touch of color to keep it interesting!


March 14th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Translated by Deb Villeneuve from an original article by Jennifer Larocque

Timelessly elegant, white can be refined, pure and subtle to give a feeling of serenity to your decor.
White enhances the feeling of space while adding a calming touch of freshness to the interior and putting the focus on light, natural and from fixtures.
To some, white is not a color but an intrinsic value while others feel it is the sum of all colors.
No matter what your school of thought, white and its multitude of variations (fawn, beige, biscuit, sand, slate, chamois, etc…) must be treated with the same respect as black and all of its shades of gray when used in decoration.
Here are a few choices which marry well with white

Living room
Wood has a warm texture which creates movement and complements a white, sparsely furnished room. Other base notes with which to add interest and depth to a room are tone on tone textiles in varying textures and area rugs in earthen colors to give a vintage feel to the room.

The white living room is a blank canvas on which the rest of the decoration (throws, furniture, carpet, lamps, etc…) combine to create a feeling.

A fireplace always creates a little happiness by bringing warmth and comfort while adding immeasurably to a room.
Add a few accessories in wood, cream or earthen colors to keep the “white chic” theme and the mood is complete!

Neutral shades are all but boring in this winter white kitchen, reminiscent of natural shades of a snowy day. The vintage style of decorating is making a come back and white makes a strong statement with the warmth of wood as an accent to give a spacious and inviting feel to this kitchen.

The feeling of this space relies heavily on the choice of colors for the accessories found throughout the kitchen (decorations, dishes, curtains, towels, etc…)
While accenting with bright colors serves to create an energetic and vibrant ambiance, the use of wood and earthen colors will create a more calming environment when combined with cool colors such as blue, green and purple.

 Avoid complications! In the bathroom take advantage of white on white with small touches of color.
An added bonus, white reflects light thus creating brightness and it also makes the space feel larger.

Although a mirror is usually standard in the bathroom, why not experiment by using a variety of mirrors on an empty wall.
Not only will this enhance the feeling of space by making the room look larger because of its reflection it is also a way to create a vintage look.
White on white creates an open and relaxing environment for this master bedroom. A pastel colored chair would be the perfect way to accent a reading corner in the room


November 19th, 2012
By Vivian Martin

Plastic laminate, once the standard surface for postwar home kitchen countertops, still has a big market share due to affordable and maintenance-free options in loads of colors and patterns. Check out the basics and special considerations here to see if a plastic laminate counter might be right for your kitchen.



***Budget Consideration***

When building a new home, it is easy to get caught up on high-end finishes. While granite or solid-surface countertops may be on your wish-list, good quality laminate countertops may keep your build budget down and can be replaced as your budget allows. Conversely, things like upgraded insulation in your walls and attic are best done at the time of building. Just something to consider!

October 15th, 2012
By Guest Post

Perusing through home design magazines and recording your favorite home renovation shows can perk up your desire to gut and remodel your own kitchen. While television and magazines have big budgets to make things look lovely, you might not. The way people approach kitchen renovations has changed. Getting your dream kitchen is now more about learning to work with what you can afford instead of breaking the bank. With a little budgeting, some solid planning, and a lot of imagination, your dream kitchen is more than within reach.

Stainless Appliances ? Think of Simple Kitchen Upgrades instead

There is no need to go with top of the line appliances. Ask yourself if you really need steam over or a burner that specifically boils water. Choosing a standard size refrigerator instead of an extra wide, French door model can save you money. You might be surprised to find that mid-range appliances look and perform a lot better now than they once did.

Focus On Your Needs

It can still be a dream even if you only fix up the things you need instead of investing in only things you want. The emphasis in the kitchen has shifted from what looks good to what works well. If you need more counter space or a better oven, use your budget to replace those items first. Take some time to browse through kitchen dining sets and accessories to get a solid idea of what you need beforehand, saving you plenty of cash in the long run. And with that extra cash you can invest in wall art, new barstools, or a fancy wine rack.

Shop Smartly

It really pays to do your homework before you launch into the big kitchen remodel. Compare prices on appliances at big box discount stores as well as online. Magazines such as “Consumer Reports” and advice from friends and family members who have recently remodeled their own kitchen can help you make the best decisions about which appliances perform well and which are duds.

Take Baby Steps

Divide the project up into several smaller steps. For example, you might not have the budget to invest in a new stove and a new refrigerator right now, but you can do something small to improve the function of your kitchen. You can replace the knobs on the cabinets or re-paint the walls. If the seating in the breakfast nook is worn, consider purchasing a new barstools or chairs to spruce up the looks of the space.

Try DIY – Affordable DIY kitchen renovation projects

The average small kitchen remodel costs around $21,000. You can bring that sum down considerably by tackling some of the project yourself. Don’t pay a mover or hauler to take away your old refrigerator or other appliance. You can rent a truck or van and do the task yourself. More adventurous renovators can try taking on some of the actual labor of the project, such as installing new flooring or countertops.

Think Fake

Sometimes, the lower end options look almost as good as the real thing. One example is wood veneer flooring. It doesn’t have the longevity of a hardwood floor, but it costs a lot less up front and has a simpler installation. Feel free to think outside the trendy box when it comes to choosing materials. In most cases, people won’t be able to tell that you’ve gone with quartz over granite or domestic marble over imported.

Create a budget before you start the project and commit to stick to it. Add a bit to your final project amount so that you have some wiggle room if anything goes amiss. A smart renovation means your home’s value can increase. Make sure you are getting the most for your efforts by not spending too much upfront.

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October 5th, 2012
By Vivian Martin

How to light an island is a subject of endless speculation and worry, but it needn’t be a subject so fraught with uncertainty. It helps to understand the three main types of home lighting: Ambient lighting, the general illumination you get from ceiling lights and some wall-mounted lights; accent lighting, which draws attention to a feature of a room, and task lighting, like pendants and under-counter lights.

In a working room like a kitchen, task lighting takes on an importance that’s hard to overstate. Pendant lights, especially when suspended over an island, get all the glory and rightly so. Even though every room and lighting goal is different, here are some examples of island pendant lights done well:

September 12th, 2012
By Vivian Martin

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Now what? Not knowing where to start, many homeowners fall into two camps. Some start by looking at appliances. Others start by collecting inspiration photos. Both are steps any homeowner can take without the commitment of hiring a professional, and sometimes a homeowner will find themselves in this stage for a year or longer.

Once you’ve simmered in this phase long enough and you’re ready to green-light a kitchen remodeling project, then what? Here we’ll start with the first 10 steps:


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