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August 29th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

With its sloping roof, shuttered windows and covered porch along two sides, plan 3108 can easily be defined as “country”.

The interior layout is synonymous with this style and the foyer at the main entrance will no doubt be practical to keep out the cold during winter months. The separate laundry area at the service entrance, just off of the kitchen, maintains the country feeling of this floor plan. The central island in the kitchen is the perfect place for casual meals and the dining area is adjacent to triple patio doors with a view on the back yard.

The main activities area is bathed in natural light from windows on two sides and the comfortable bedrooms have ample closet space. The bathroom is complete with separate corner bath and shower.

The fake window “upstairs” gives the feeling that there is a second floor, a possibility that our modifications team would be happy to quote on as we can adapt this or any of our plans to suit your particular needs and lifestyle.

April 18th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

To update plan 3954 giving it a contemporary feel, the designer has developed a version that would be quite at home on a narrow lot or even in urban surroundings.
The extensive use of stone combined with siding in natural wood tones enhance the understated elegance of this home which will blend beautifully in rural or mountainous surroundings.
Inside, the first floor offers a large garage complete with workshop and storage, an 8 ½’ high ceiling and a second garage door on the rear wall with access to the back yard.
The upper floor offers an open floor plan and a surprisingly large kitchen, with island/dining/living area bathed in natural light and 8½’ high ceilings. The patio door opens onto a 16’ x 12’ terrace to which an outside staircase and a roof could easily be added.
The large, 15’ x 11’ master bedroom has ample closet space and a private bathroom with a separate shower and toilette/laundry area, functional features that enhance the urban feeling of this home.

March 28th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Inspired by numerous requests for the addition of a garage to our popular chalet, plan 2957, Drummond House Plans suggests this beautiful cottage with a revamped floor plan that moves the kitchen closer to an added garage.
From the outside, the addition of a garage gives plan 2957-V2 an appealing look to the front of the home while maintaining the same attractive features in back.
Significant changes have been brought to the inside appointment of the home from the relocation of the kitchen to the exceptional master suite with its private bathroom, double closets and view of the back through two glass doors.

The activities area with its ample fenestration and cathedral ceiling in the living room along with a fireplace in the living/dining rooms are features that are sure to please. The large kitchen island and a separate laundry area on the main level as well as a powder room just off of the main entrance also enhance the livability of this home.
Upstairs, two comfortable bedrooms and a separate bathroom with a shower and a hallway that opens onto a mezzanine and a bonus space that can be converted to a 4th bedroom if required.

February 22nd, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve
Original article by Jennifer Larocque, translated by Deb Villeneuve
The bedroom is one of the areas that requires the most storage space within the home. If you are among those who are looking for unique ideas for small storage spaces, look no further|

1. A well designed head-board
This generous size headboard offers storage space on either side to help maximize space in the bedroom.

2. Made to measure
For those with creative abilities, how about designing the unit that is meets your needs perfectly with custom made storage for all of your things. This unique arrangement is not only made-to-measure but can help save and give you the pride of your personal achievement!

3. A storage wall not only offers space but separates rooms as well
This solution offers not only intimacy by separating bedroom from living room but is a great space for clothes or items which would otherwise clutter the living space.

4. A room with a view!
This original place for an extra bed is an imaginative way to increse space and make use of an otherwise lost space above the kitchen by creating a mezzanine style space. Excellent for lofts or other architectural styles with high ceilings and little floor space.

5. A relaxing little space with a dual purpose
A bench can serve not only as seating but by adding doors or drawers it becomes an attractive part of the room that offers a little oasis and storage space at the same time.

6. Organizers that are part of the room décor!
For fashioistas the open concept helps to create a feeling in the room while keeping all of the essentials convenient. This not only extends closet space but completes the room décor in a practical way. The important thig to remember if using this kind of decoration technique is to ensure that everything looks orderly to avoid a messy, unkempt feeling in the room.
Leave it to Ikea to give you all kinds of options to create the space that “fits”

7. An en suite with privacy
Separating the bathroom from the bedroom with a curtain creates the illusion of an extra room

8. A compartment for everything!
A really practical idea, pigeonholes and compartments of all sizes for everything from beautiful, little storage boxes to books, decorations and souvenirs – a novel idea for eliminating clutter.

9. A secret hiding place under the bed!
A platform with a drawer offers a modern yet practical support for the bed since we never have too much storage space and this option can offer the extra closet space that is so often needed.


When shopping for a new home plan, the choice of the model can impact on the amount of storage space available. Here are a few styles of Drummond House Plans that offer walk-in closets in the master bedroom, a wonderful way to get rid of unwanted clutter

This popular, country style home boasts two huge walk-in closets in the master bedroom

Here is a charming little chalet with a mezzanine and a generous walk-in closet in its single bedroom

How about this European style home with a garage and generous closet space in both bedrooms


February 21st, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Inspired by plan 2955 this new design adds a contemporary feel to the exterior and a unique style which combines a carport beneath a vast terrace the gives the occupants a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.
The main foyer of model 3966 has ample closet space and the service entrance foyer is perfect for the family that enjoys outdoor sports as it opens onto a large, walk-in closet/mudroom and laudry area.
The two secondary bedrooms and separate game room on the first level offer an independant living space which is sure to be a hit with the teenagers in the family.

The second floor is accessible form both inside and outside the home. The large 84″ x 40″ central island in the kitchen and the fireplace in the living room add charm to the central living area of this beautiful home. The master bedroom on this level, with its walk-in closet and well appointed bathroom, offer added intimacy.


April 12th, 2011
By Vivian Martin

Now that the weather is getting nicer, all ideas of outdoor leisure home activities come flooding back to your mind. From playing out in the yard with the kids, to enjoying neighbors over for a barbecue on the back patio, it’s never too early to start planning. Adding a summer kitchen to your outdoor patio maybe just the piece that is missing from yours! Portable grills are nice, but summer kitchens allow you to plan an entire area for relaxing, preparing and serving food, and it can add value onto your home.

When choosing your amenties, the following considerations come into play:

  • Determine you entertainment style
  • Assess what you enjoy cooking
  • Comfortable lounging area
  • Know your budget

The addition of a summer kitchen can be a wonderful addition to your home, which you can use for years into the future. When you finally decide to sell your home, a summer kitchen is a well sought after amenity that homebuyers will be eager to see.  Don’t forget to plan for outdoor lighting around your summer kitchen to ensure your evening entertaining is just as enjoyable as the daytime.

(Read the full article and enjoy more images at the freshome blog)

October 28th, 2010
By Vivian Martin

The living room has slipped through the floorboards in some versions of the Canadian dream home. Preferring to entertain themselves and their guests in a multi-functional family room, many prospective homeowners have crossed the living room off their wish lists. Still, some can’t sacrifice the living room’s elegant appeal and other functions.

Many home builders are now constructing houses with optional space rooms. Homeowners can use these rooms for almost anything. Some use them as studies while others turn them into spare bedrooms. And some still use them as living rooms.

Generally, living rooms are smaller. In 1978, the average living room in an upscale home was 20 ft. by 14 ft. Today, a living room in a comparable home measures 15 ft. by 13 ft. But the typical great room, that used to be more like an entertainment room, now spans 20 ft. by 15 ft.

Can you live without a living room? How do you decide whether to include the old standard in your new house? Before you decide, carefully consider the living room’s positives and negatives.

Advantages of the Living Room

  • Living rooms add an air of sophistication and civility to your home
  • They provide a quiet retreat, away from the noisy television set and other distractions
  • Living rooms provide space to display your finest pieces of furniture
  • The living room is a Canadian tradition
  • Living rooms provide the appropriate setting to host your business associates and other visitors

Disadvantages of the Living Room

  • Some consider living rooms too stuffy and unapproachable. Today, many Canadians live more informally and live more casually so living rooms don’t fit their lifestyles.
  • Many people don’t appreciate the museum-like quality of the living room. If you don’t want to use the living room as a retreat or a place to display fine furnishings, you may prefer that the space be used for other purposes.
  • An entertainment room or great room can serve the same basic functions for personal activities or entertaining guests.

Article courtesy of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association. For more helpful consumer articles or to locate professional builders and tradespeople, visit the GVHBA… or the National Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) site.


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