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April 11th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve


Decoration of a room means you are an artist presented with several surfaces. You have the walls, ceiling and floor as your canvas, where you’ll be able to create using paint, wallpapers, rugs, coverings, textiles and decorations for added pattern. You can use a whole lot to create your vision, such as wall stencils, patterns of color and shape that fit your mood and sense of aesthetics.
Keep in mind you want to keep the décor of the room clear and pleasing, but not too crowded and overwhelming in nature. Make sure the patterns on the walls are simple and unobtrusive in the way they look. One of the popular trends on the market today is the mixture of textures. You can do that by using metals, burlap, ruffles, jute and anything else your heart desires. The main point of that is accentuating and keeping things contrasted in such a manner that it makes them pleasing to the eye.
You can also blend the textures of your chosen materials by using a unified, single color as a way of keeping the design more interesting. You can mix different materials and textures to create different looks with the same base color.
You can find quite a few interesting items in the most unlikely of places if you want to find ways to decorate. Dollar stores and thrift shops offer a great variety of items if you do a proper search through what they can offer you. You will find some truly strange and good solutions with a little bit of luck.
Fabric pieces and scraps can be used to tie your drapes when they are not in use. Different textures and patterns can be used to create an additional set of smaller drapes over the first one for added effect, given the proper choice of elements.
You can use a different, brighter color to attract attention to a given corner of a room or a place. You can add some bright, optimistic colors that really bring out the joy in a room if you are inclined to use bright colors. Using hardcover books or buying antique ones can truly change the looks of your home.  For example, combine these books with natural elements such as a wooden book case and you will have a cozy, pleasant corner of your living room.
You can use colors and items can help you focus and coordinate the looks you are aiming for. For example putting flowers on top of an arrangement will instantly focus the attention to the top of that arrangement. Putting up a large picture frame is an excellent way to fill up space with something that opens a window to an illusion of space.
Use an object made to serve as an anchor of sorts which attracts the attention and serves as a centerpiece for your entire decoration effort. Think of this as a work art which requires a main character, as star or something that acts as the focus of all your creativity.
Grace is an expert in the field of home décor and organizing. Currently, she writes on a behalf of SW10 moving company.

April 27th, 2010
By Richard Martin - BC Distributor

We just returned from the Victoria Home Show and what a show it was! The show encompassed three arenas with exhibitors showing the latest trends in building, renovating, decorating and gardening. It is an annual event and well worth planning to attend. We had a steady flow of visitors and many people perusing our house plans and sharing their dreams. Each visitor has their own unique set of requirements based on stage of life and family circumstances. It is so gratifying being a part of the process of personalizing their next home to make it perfect! 

A few fellow exhibitors are well worth mentioning… 

Pacific Homes is a company that specializes in factory pre-fabricated house components. Not to be confused with a modular home, this is a system whereby all of the components are panelized, squared and even insulated in a contolled environment and then assembled on-site. The end result is a house that is assembled quickly and weather-tight faster than stick-framing on site. We have witnessed a number of their builds and are constantly amazed with the speed, efficiency and precision of the build. Even though they are located on Vancouver Island, they ship world-wide. All DrummondHousePlans are compatible with their building system. 

K2Stone is a Vancouver Island based stone quarry and producer of natural metamorphic slate building stone.  They offer a range of products for interior and exterior use including thin stone veneers, wall stones, and landscaping stone. We have seen their products in use all over BC and Alberta and it is a distinctive and elegant embellishment to any home or commercial application. 

Timbercoast Furnishings produce incredible, unique timberframe pieces of furniture that have to be seen to be appreciated. I could not help but envision their pieces in our house models #3923 (The Wynstone) and #3925 (The Lodge).

We also visited with soft-spoken artist Daniel Cline who’s creativity knows no bounds. He displayed an incredible array of laser-etched pieces – glass, stone, tile, windows, door inserts and more! In addition to this craft, he is also a stone sculptor with works commissioned all over the world. After seeing his work, we would recommend that one plan for an art niche in their next home to display a treasured piece of art. 

Of course there were many other exhibitors who are too numerous to mention. 

With so many decisions to make when one is building a home, home shows are a valuable resource. We post all of our planned appearances on our Blog and on our Corporate and Western Twitter Feeds so we recommend that you follow us to find out when we are in your area.

April 26th, 2010
By Vivian Martin

BC Distributor Richard Martin and partner Vivian are on the road again! This time you can catch them at the Kamloops Home and Leisure Show.

LOCATION:     McArthur Island Sports Centre

                     1665 Island Parkway Drive

                     Kamloops, BC   Click here for map


                      Friday, April 30           5:00pm – 9:00pm

                      Saturday, May 1        10:00am – 6:00pm

                      Sunday, May 2          10:00am – 4:00pm

Richard and Vivian can answer questions or share ideas on how you can get into the house of your dreams without breaking the bank having your home designed.

To follow our reports on what’s hot at the show, follow us on Twitter.

April 10th, 2010
By Vivian Martin

Drummond House Plans will once again be at the Victoria Home and Garden Show!

Visit Drummond House Plans BC Distributor and Design Consultant, Richard Martin to talk about your next project, whether it be a new house, renovation or just to get some inspiration.

This is THE BIGGEST show held on Vancouver Island – so big, it covers 3 arenas at 1767 Old Island Highway!

  • Bear Mountain Arena
  • Juan de Fuca Arena
  • Juan de Fuca Curling Arena

 Show time summary:

  • Friday, April 23                  1:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday, April 24            9:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday, April 25                9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Click on the poster below to expand for more details.

Victoria Spring 2010 Home Show

May 29th, 2009
By Yves Carignan

A few days ago, I got and e-mail from a friend in Alabama, Architect Bob Chatham from Chantham Design Group, who featured in a very interesting TV episode from Dany Lipford.

The video will explain you the details of a green house and also how you can be greener in your existing home ! 

Congratulations to Bob who designed the featured house of this video.  The Fairhope Green Home Project is the first house in the state to receive Gold Certification from the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program

Remember one thing if you build green,  this type of construction is a real team work !

Enjoy !

January 21st, 2009
By Jessica Langlois

Interesting questions we receive from customers can be of great interest to future homeowners or people who will make additions or renovation to their existing home. 

Here are some answers provided by Drummond House Plans‘ senior home Designer, Denis Chamberland, to questions from a customer wishing to build a garage,  and how to make a great garage construction planning.

Q:  What is the width required for a garage in order to park two intermediate vehicles while still being able to fully open the vehicles’ doors?
By attributing six feet of width for each vehicle and three feet for each of the doors when wide open, we come to 24 feet wide inside the walls.  Considering the three feet in between as being common to both vehicles, we can also say 24 feet width to the exterior walls.

Q:  What is the depth required for these two same vehicles, considering I want to build a workbench in front of them?
In general, the suggested depth is 20 feet but, since you want to add a workbench (two feet deep), I would suggest you go once again with 24 feet in order to give you room to work in front of the vehicles.

Q:  If I want to add a garage door, where should I place it and what width should it be?
When one single door gives access to a garage containing two vehicles, it must be a minimum of 16 feet wide; and here I would suggest two doors rather than just one, in case the mechanism fails; then, you would have the possibility of using the other door.  Here, I recommend two 9 foot wide doors, positioned at 10 feet minimum or 11 feet maximum center to center of the doors.

When considering building such a garage, it becomes very interesting to think of the possibility of integrating storage space in the roof area which can be accessed by pull-down stairs.  This space would then allow you to use the garage area for its intended purpose, to accommodate your vehicles.  The pull-down stairs can be located in a corner, or right in the center of the garage which gives more room to maneuver at the top of the stairs. - Garage Plan no.3980 - Garage Plan no.3980

For great detached garage plans, garage with apartment and VR garage plans, please visit the “detached garage designs” section of our Drummond House Plans website.  Many architectural styles are available for garage designs such as Country style & Craftsman style.  Drummond can also create the perfect Custom Garage Design that will match you homestyle & colors, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service to get more information!


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