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September 6th, 2013
By Marie-France Roger

These apartments in finished basements are in a class by themselves as they are designed to take advantage of the natural lighting. Plus, there’s plenty of open living space for entertaining. Here are a few of our most popular Best Income Property house, home and floor plan designs.

 Basement Income Property Floor Plans: Country House Plan no. 2795B

See floor plans and buy blueprints here!

Drummond House Plans calls it the bachelor’s basement apartment, a collection especially designed for the 21st century.

Income Property: Cratsman Bungalow with 2-bedroom apt. on basement

See floor plans and order blueprints here!

Basement Income Property: Contemporary House Design # 3717-V1

See floor plans and order blueprints here!

Drummond House Plans’ income property designs are created with first-time home buyers, blended families or extended families, with older teenagers, in mind.

Basement Income Property Traditional Home Design no. 2797B

See floor plans and order blueprints here!

The majority of Drummond House Plans’ floor plans come with unfinished basements.  Most basements can be easily finished to include an apartment (income property = lower mortgage payments !!!). Find your perfect house plan and floor plans on Drummond House Plans website, and contact our plan modification dpt. to get a FREE quote for your Drummond house plan changes.

Haven’t found the perfect floor plans yet? Watch a few episodes of “HGTV Income Property with Scott McGillivray” to get design ideas and let us design the perfect Income Property for you!

July 4th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

If you are looking for a family chalet, look no further! You’re sure to find what you need in what plan 3925 has to offer, inside and out…

Whether it’s the earthy tones of stone and brick cladding on the outside walls, the large terrace with access to the yard, the screened in porch that permits enjoyment of meals outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes and other insects, abundant storage space or the double garage with additional room for out of season articles this model is sure to please.

Inside, the open activities area has a view on the back yard, the kitchen has a convenient island and the living/dining rooms share a central fire place. The windowed media room also has a view of the back yard and the master bedroom boasts a walk-in closet and private bathroom whose strategic placement permits an angled view of the back yard as well.

The basement boasts two large bedrooms and a full bathroom with separate, corner shower. A second family room is sure to be a hit with the teenagers of the family. There is a laundry room and a large storage area that is accessible from the outside to enhance the “livability” of this home. There are two more bedrooms and a third, full bathroom upstairs along with a mezzanine. This spacious, comfortable home is yours to discover!

May 30th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Drummond House Plans (basement apartment homes) no. 3117-V2

The mortgage helping home!

Without a doubt, plan 3117 is a popular model, as is plan 3107 with its 3 bedrooms that has made it one of our best sellers. Drummond House Plans’ designers developed plan 3117-V1 with a bachelor apartment in the basement to create a model that is sure to gain favor with those looking for a multigenerational or mortgage-helping home.

The main level offers two bedrooms with an increase in both width and depth of 2’ that permits the addition of a laundry area on the main floor and enough space for a computer desk in the corner of the living room. The third bedroom in the basement and a second living room, which can be used as a playroom for younger children or a home theater, is sure to be a welcome feature of this plan.

House plans and floor plans with basement apartment

The bachelor apartment in the basement has its own, separate entrance and a well designed kitchen/living room with separate bathroom and laundry area that have been planned with both the owner and tenant in mind to enhance the relationship between the two!

Discover more basement apartment home by visiting our Bachelor Basement Apartment collection !

May 3rd, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve
Translation of  Jennifer Larocque’s original article by Deb Villeneuve

Step-families are a part of today’s reality. With more and more half-brothers and half-sisters among the millions of children throughout, harmonious family life has become a major challenge for many.
Inside the home, the logistics of shared space is of utmost importance. As little as possible must be left to chance in order to maintain harmony within the shared space that answers to the occupants’ needs.
Common living areas must take into consideration the diverse activities that will take place such as reading, talking, listening to music, playing games, and doing homework. Mealtime should ideally bring everyone together to share the day’s events and build the bonds so crucial to a family unit.
Children need their own space in which to interact with each other on their own terms. Although it is not always possible to give each child a separate bedroom, the use of color can help to define each child’s personal space.
 Here are a few house plans that may help you choose the best compromise between space requirements and budget concerns. Drummond House Plans has a collection of models which offer comfortable accommodations for today’s larger families that have features such as an attached garage, home office or media room, a second family room, a minimum of two full bathrooms, a finished basement and more…


For larger families, how about this craftsman style home that is the perfect place to enjoy family life in the country, on the lakefront or slope side.

This charming chalet offers 6 beautiful bedrooms, 4 of which are in the basement and 2 bathrooms with each a shower. There is a powder room on the main level and a full bathroom complete with a separate shower and double vanity to accommodate the two upstairs bedrooms.
Abundant fenestration, a large kitchen with central island along with a dining room that has enough space to seat 12 and a cathedral ceiling in the fireplace equipped family room enhance the livability of this home. The double entrances offer a large closet for the main foyer and enough room to store skis and sports accessories along with a washer and dryer at the other.
Another pleasing feature of this home is the second living room in the basement and the large covered terrace.

If you are looking for an original, 4 bedroom plan that offers abundant fenestration and the ability to fit on a narrow lot – look no further!
Outside, the striking curb appeal of this home is enhanced by the unique window style with its vertical orientation.
Once inside, the large family room is bright yet cozy with its central fire place and room for seating in whichever configuration suits your family’s needs.

In the basement, the two 11′x10′ bedrooms, shower room, laundry area and bright, workshop/storage area are features that are sure to be appreciated by the occupants.
The main level offers a kitchen/dining/living area that is bathed in natural light along with a bathroom with separate shower and two good sized bedrooms with a walk-in closet in the master bedroom where a fireplace could be installed into the existing chimney.

With contemporary style, this large home offers a much sought after look with 3-4 bedrooms and a split level design with a garage the fits a relatively narrow lot
This home has a rear orientation for the well fenestrated kitchen/dining/living room area with patio doors that open onto a beautiful 19′ x 10′ covered terrace.
Inspired by plan 3407 with its more European styling,  Aldana has a comfortable entrance foyer which includes a spacious closet and space for a home office. The large island in the kitchen and walk-in pantry are features that are sure to please and the fireplace built ins in the family area are extra touches that add a special feeling to this home.

Just 4 steps from the main level is a separate laundry area/powder room and the stairwell, open to the second floor, enhances the natural lighting and creates an open ambiance.
At the top of the stairs is a superbly appointed master suite complete with corner shower and walk-in closet. Two other bedrooms and a separate bathroom share the second floor and a full basement is ready to be finished to suit the owners’ needs.


July 31st, 2010
By Vivian Martin
Drawers are more accessible than overhead cabinets for storing dinnerware.

The new catch phrase among homeowners is “aging in place.”

Instead of selling their homes and moving into retirement villages or assisted-living quarters, a growing number of older Americans are modifying their homes to make them more user-friendly as they age.

The concept has caught on so successfully, it even has its own National Aging in Place Week, which falls on Oct. 11-16 this year.

“Aging in place is a near and dear subject,” said Karen Kassik, president of Home Accessibilities, a residential design firm that focuses on building barrier-free homes…

…The baby boomers now reaching retirement age tend to be healthier and more independent than previous generations, and are not ready to give up home ownership when they retire. The weak economy means fewer Americans can afford the move into retirement facilities — even if they manage to sell their homes in this depressed market. And among some fast-growing ethnic groups, including Hispanic and Asian, it is traditional for older family members to share living quarters with the younger generations.

Read the full article here…

May 3rd, 2010
By Richard Martin - BC Distributor

With our participation in a number of Home Shows across BC, we have discovered the popularity of the small but mighty Carriage House. Historically, a ”Carriage house” (also referred to as Coach house) was an outbuilding, literally for the storage of carriages. It was common for manors to include living space above for the on-call carriage staff. As lifestyles evolved, so too did the use of this versatile space. In modern versions of this structure, the space above is suitable as a hobby or business studio, guest suite, or a fully-equipped residence.

Many city planners are embracing the idea of densification – zoning for a secondary dwelling unit on existing properties to prevent urban sprawl. Zoning to allow these units also helps to prevent the building of illegal suites and ensures that these units are built to code. Vancouver has embraced the concept of “Eco-Density”. Laneway housing was approved in Vancouver in 2009 and a monitoring report was recently posted to their Eco-Density Initiative website. Many other communities are looking at densification strategies. Sooke and Nanaimo are two other communities which allow for the building of secondary dwelling units.

By definition, a Laneway house may be a single or multi-storey unit and does not necessarily include enclosed parking. Some incorporate a sleeping loft to increase useable space while maintaining a small foundation footprint. Plan #3932

If space and privacy allows, these units can be a wonderful mortgage-helper or a handy way to give older (or younger) family members some privacy in an in-law suite while still being able to keep an eye on one another without a full renovation of the main home. You may also find that building a carriage house is an ideal interim dwelling while you build your vacation or country home!

Have a chat with your city planning office to find out if Carriage Houses or Laneway houses are allowed or planned for in your area and what the allowed dimensions are. The Drummond House Plans modification team can easily customize any of the Carriage or Cottage House Plans  to suit your specific needs or work with you to create a custom plan to compliment your existing home.

March 26th, 2010
By Vivian Martin

DrummondHousePlan #W3935

Here’s a 1096 sq. ft. charmer with lots to love. A two-car garage, storage and workroom spread out on the main level. Upstairs, a U-shaped kitchen embraces the family, dining areas and cozy hearth.  Two dreamy bedrooms each have their own walk-ins and shower rooms. To enhance the character, the staircase railing doubles as showcase storage.

This carriage house is also popular as an office or as an in-law, guest, or revenue suite.

For more carriage house models, visit our collections of carriage house plans and also garages with bonus space.

March 20th, 2009
By Marie-France Roger

For family reasons (keeping the family together without sacrificing independance) or for economical reasons, you might be thinking of investing in a multi-family construction and build a townhouse or a semi-detached homes, a duplex,  a triplex, a multi-family building (4 or more units), or simply a home with a basement apartment with a separate entrance.

Below, I will share with you my favorite Drummond ready-to-build Duplex House Plan, Triplex House Plan, TownHouses (Semi-Detached Home Plan) and a House with a basement apartment.  However, click on the link above to access the entire collections, depending on what you are looking for or directly on the house below to see my favorite multi-family picks!  If you have something specific in mind or haven’t found the ideal multi-unit design yet, contact Drummond’s Custom Design Dpt. to get your FREE house plan cost estimate.

Drummond 4-units Multi-family plans no. 3006 which ia a Beautiful Country Style 4 unit residential building.  Each unit has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. 4-unit Multi-house plan #3006 4-unit Multi-house plan #3006

Drummond House Plans Duplex House Plans no. 4096 which is an Affordable Country Style Duplex with two nice 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom units.

Drummond House Plans Duplex House Plans no. 4096 Duplex House Plans no. 4096

Drummond House Plans Triplex House Plans no. 3029 which is Drummond’s most popular European / Traditional Style Triplex, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom per unit.

Drummond House Plans Duplex House Plans no. 3029

Drummond House Plans Duplex House Plans no. 3029

Drummond House Plans Country Style Semi-detached House Plans no. 6014 is among our top-selling One-level Semi-Detached Floor Plans, with a one-car garage. Semi-detached house plan #6014 Semi-detached house plan #6014

Drummond House Plans Houses with Basement Apartment Plan no. 2795B, which is the most charming 4-bedroom Country Style, plus a one-bedroom basement apartment!  Interesting for young families and first-home buyers. Home with Basement Apartment - House Plans#2795B Home with Basement Apartment - House Plans#2795B


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