Made to measure bungalow for ‘baby boomers’

Made to measure bungalow for ‘baby boomers’

It takes more than cottages to answer to the needs of today’s ‘baby boomers’ and Drummond House Plans is pleased to offer this plan among our many single storey models…Read more

Brightly lit, complete with a “bachelor” and a garage

The ever increasing demand for new homes that come complete with a revenue generating “bachelor” apartment, Drummond House Plans has created plan 3717-V1, an enlarged version of the original design,…Read more
ES – a new standard in home plans and planning

ES – a new standard in home plans and planning

In the near future, Drummond House Plans will be introducing plan models with the ES suffix   What does ES mean? ES is short for Environmentally Superior. We're not just…Read more
My home is our home! (the new reality of housing blended families)

My home is our home! (the new reality of housing blended families)

Translation of  Jennifer Larocque's original article by Deb Villeneuve Step-families are a part of today's reality. With more and more half-brothers and half-sisters among the millions of children throughout, harmonious family life has…Read more

Single story, 3 bedroom country cottage

Inspired by the popular 2185 model, this version adds 2’ of depth and 3’ to the living room for perfect alignment on the left side which straightens out the projection…Read more

Single storey concept revisited

From the most popular modifications to plan 3235 has evolved model 3235-V2 which our designer has developed meet the needs of many of its future buyers.The main feature is the relocation of the…Read more

9 ways to add space to your space!

Original article by Jennifer Larocque, translated by Deb Villeneuve The bedroom is one of the areas that requires the most storage space within the home. If you are among those…Read more

Understanding energy efficiency – A house is a system

A house is made up of components that work together to form an integrated system. The performance of one component depends on its relationship with other components in the same…Read more

Energy Efficient New Homes – Grants and Incentives

Currently, although Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) does not offer incentives to new home buyers or new home builders, NRCan manages the EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, and…Read more
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