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February 21st, 2011
By Vivian Martin

Out of all the necessities for your home, your appliances are some of the most expensive items to purchase. Regardless if you are buying the cheapest models or the top of the line, appliances help us be able to cook, store our food, clean and all around make our lives easier, daily. Saving money when you buy home appliances is always a goal for all home owners who want to get the best deal, but also want quality in their appliance investments. Here are tips to save money when buying appliances for your home.

Photo Credit: Freshome - How to save money when buying appliciances

Photo Credit: Freshome - How to save money when buying appliciances

  • Look for discontinued appliances: Many manufacturers and appliance stores will offer discounts on discontinued brands, models and appliance lines. For extra value visit appliance stores that have floor models or offer clearance areas on their online appliance stores. You would be surprised the savings that are offered for discontinued models. Ensure that full warranties and manufacturing service options will still be available before purchasing discontinued models.
  • Shop at outlet stores: Similarly to discontinued appliances, outlet stores offer models that are no longer in production, as well as scratch and dent selections, or appliances that home owners have returned but are in good working order. Consider looking in your local area for appliance store brands that offer outlet stores. They usually will be located away from mainstream shopping centers, and they usually will still hold up to their warranties and servicing options on the appliances they sell. Outlet stores are a good option for house renters!
  • Shop small local appliance stores: Depending on your locality, small appliance stores that are owned by a family or a small organization tend to have better prices than big appliance stores. Many small appliance stores will receive discounts from the manufacturer to sell older models and should be considered when trying to save money on buying home appliances. You may have to visit several in your area to find exactly what you’re looking for, but the money you will save can be big.
  • Shop around the holidays: For many countries, the holidays are the perfect time for home improvement stores to put appliances on sale. In the United States – Presidents Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day are big weekends for appliance shopping. Many will offer specials for buying the appliance during the holiday, and may offer advanced incentives if paying with store credit or credit cards. Around the holidays, look in your newspapers and online home improvement store advertisements to see what deals your local store may be having. Also check with department stores located in shopping centers or malls. They too, may offer holiday appliance deals to compete with home improvement stores to vie for your business.

Saving money on home appliances can be easier than you thought with the help of these useful tips. From discontinued product lines to catching great deals around the holidays, there is always a way to save green for your pocket! Before you go and buy a high priced appliance, check the internet, browse your local newspaper, or ask your coworker if they know of any deals on home appliances. You just might save money, without even trying!

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February 1st, 2011
By Vivian Martin

Dream the dream – customize your Drummond House Plan and save!

Customization Special

Have you found a Drummond House Plan that is perfect… almost? Part of the joy of building your own home is the option to customize it.

For a limited time, Drummond House Plans is offering a 30% discount on the cost of the base plan set when you use our professional modification service.

Perhaps you are still looking for a plan. Drummond House Plans has been a source of Canadian-designed house plans since 1973 and a popular choice for Canadians and internationally! Craftsman house plans, Bungalow house plans, Multi-generational house plans, Country-style house plans and many more collections are conveniently grouped on our website.

Stock plans are far more affordable than starting from scratch. With nearly a thousand ready-to-build designs on our website, you have a lot to choose from. Still, we often hear that “this plan would be perfect if the garage were bigger, there was another bathroom, the windows took in a special view, etc. A great number of our customers choose to personalize their house plan to fit their unique needs or building site conditions. With our limited time customization discount program, the cost of your base set of plans is discounted by 30%. Simple changes to the plan may result in a cost no higher than the original plan!

Prior to modifying any plan, we provide a FREE estimate of the requested changes. You will work with our expert architectural professionals – the original creators and copyright holders of the designs, so you can be confident that we know the plans inside out. Options for modification are nearly endless, from simple (changing a door or window location, for example) to complex (increasing or decreasing the width or depth of a plan, rearranging rooms). Details about the modification process and examples of modification costs can be found on the Drummond House Plans website.

This promotional offer is available on all of the plans on the Drummond House Plans website. For full details on the offer, click here.

We hope you’ll enjoy the variety of Canadian-designed house plans on our website and working with us to make your dream your reality!


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