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November 22nd, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

a guest post by Grace Bailey

One of the easiest ways to change the feel of your home is to change its colors. Painting is the way to go, however many of us seem to have little talent for the actual job of working on it. Splattered paint, coat after coat being applied to a wall because we missed spots and so forth. We offer these tips so you’ll be able to do a good job of it. Thankfully, you don’t have to be very skilled at it to be able to get things done. Let’s begin with the first tip on our list:


Prepare the surface for application
A good paint job begins with the proper preparation of the chosen surface you want to work with. You need to sand, patch and scrape any imperfections on the surface so the paint will adhere more evenly. Strong paint bond and an even surface are necessary for a good paint job. No matter how great your chosen paint might be and how high its quality, it will not work well on an uneven surface.

Primer Tinting
You need to work on priming the walls and the ceilings of the room you’re working on before the application of paint. This will also be necessary if you plan on painting over a darker color. Regardless of what colors you plan on working with, you will still need to do a bit of priming. This serves to stop any stains from showing allowing you a one-coat cover. The most important aspect of using primer though is that it helps paint adhere better to its chosen surface. Professionals will do the tinting of the paint closer to the finished color by adding up a small amount of topcoat paint, thus permitting the topcoat to hide your primed surface completely.



Choosing Canvas over Plastic
Although plastic drop cloths will give you a way to protect the furniture and floors of your home from paint splatters, canvas drop cloths are more durable and resistant to rips, plus they also lay flat better, creating less danger of tripping. Canvas also has the ability to absorb the paint drips, unlike plastic which becomes slippery in such cases. They can also be wrapped around corners, offering more flexibility in their use. They can also be reused, thus making them a more economical and eco-friendly alternative to using plastic.

Using a Paint Grid
If you have to roll paint from a tray, then you know how messy that gets if you’re not extra careful. You could do a whole lot better than that by rolling right off the bucket, using a paint grid to keep the mess to a minimum. In essence it is a rectangular, plastic or metal screen that attaches to the rim of the paint bucket. You can fill the bucket about halfway, then use the grid on it. Simply dip the roller inside and roll it against the grid to remove any excess paint to avoid a mess. When you’re done painting you can simply drop the grid and close the lid.

More tips at

October 4th, 2013
By Jennifer Larocque

Here are a few examples that we hope will inspire you when deciding on how to finish that little bit of wall between the counter and cabinets that will reflect your taste and enhance the beauty of your kitchen, no matter what the style.

Whether country, Mediterranean or contemporary this relatively small space is one of the main decorative elements in the kitchen and your choice can complete the look and add to your enjoyment of this room.
As a bonus, we have added links to the style of house plan that has inspired the backplash ideas’ pictures.

Stone backsplash ideas

A kitchen with a stone backsplash would look splendid in a Craftsman/Country style home


If you enjoy antique accessories this distressed, gray mirror (tile backsplash ideas) would fit perfectly in one of our  Victorian style homes


This kind of look would be perfect in a modern kitchen, why not check out our collection of contemporary house plans


To give a European feeling to the kitchen, one of my favorite backsplash materials is brick, which imparts a historical depth to the kichen decor and would fit perfectly in a Mediterranean style kitchen


Very smart and practical backsplash ideas & backsplash photos

For a unique touch that will blend with many different styles, how about slate or an actual chalk board to blend practical with whimsical.


Don’t forget the clean, classic look of white on white using subway tiles as a durable, low maintenance backsplash that cleans-up in a breeze!


Marble backsplash photos

The timeless luxury of marble (marble backsplash ideas) is an exquisite addition to your luxurious kitchen that will please the senses


Wood is a natural for siding the exterior of your home, but how about as a decorative statement inside your home. Particularly suited to urban style homes the hard wood back-splash works well in a contemporary kitchen and has its place in a chalet to impart added warmth and ambiance.

 Tile backsplash photos and ideas

If white is not your thing, a pale or pastel colored ceramic tile will give depth to the kitchen space.


Geometric designs on the wall add an interesting focal point

 Natural stone backsplash photos and ideas

Natural stone in a more modern or urban style creates a “zen” feeling in the kitchen


A black back-splash makes a dramatic statement


A pretty country kitchen that uses the warmth of wood and a beautiful geometric pattern in a subdued color and would be perfect in a ranch style home or a rustic style cottage.


Black and white for a dramatic combination

For more articles related to kitchen design, affordable DIY kitchen design ideas, kitchen island photos & more, visit Drummond House Plans’ blog and read:

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9 Ideas to create an oasis of your Kitchen Island (photos and more)

September 27th, 2013
By Jennifer Larocque

You like the look and feel of nature…how about a green fence cloaked in ivy or a cedar hedge or other kind of shrub like lilac. You can even opt for imitation if the idea of having year round greenery along the property line,  that requires little or no maintenance, appeals to you.


An urban fence

If your outdoor furniture tends towards clean, modern lines then this may be the style for you. In keeping with a modern or Asian inspired style of home, this panel type fence which uses either tempered glass or plastic, allows light through while ensuring privacy. For a special touch, why not add footlights from the base of the trees or other focal points in your yard…

Jolie clûture de style contemporaine et design pour la cour arrière


Cool contemporary!

The ever popular trend towards contemporary in architecture and interior design inspires the wood panel enclosure which complements this style of home. Drummond House Plans offers a complete collection of contemporary designs.

Cloison contemporaine pour une cour arrière


Wood paneling

Here is another place for a unique wood fence that enhances the look of an urban or contemporary design. The suspended lights above the table are a wonderful touch that does not break the bank!


Zen, in more ways than one!

The peaceful atmosphere of this serene environment is enhanced by the noise blocking capacity of this stonework fence that blends in perfectly with its surroundings


A ‘natural’ fence may be an option

If your yard opens out to a natural space, why not keep it simple with a rustic style of pine or barn wood enclosure that is perfect for framing the property without the feeling of restraint that a higher fence imprts. This kind of fence is perfect for a ranch or farm style home.


Decorative pots as fencing

To ‘dress’ a traditional fence all you need are some large size containers with a variety of interesting plants in different colors. By placing these flower (natural or artificial) pots along the length of your fence you will enhance the look and can change it so fit the season if desired.


A statement in black!

Black is a neutral color with luxurious connotation. Black fits well with natural elements, has a calming effect and a contemporary feel so experiment with it to create your unique environment.


Don’t limit yourself to traditional lattice, go deco!

Instead of the ever popular lattice work that is so common, why not use original wood panels as fencing and decoration to separate spaces or as structures on which your clematis can climb.


And why not add a personal touch…

What if, instead of that boring wood fence, you were to add color by painting the lats, a change that costs little but is sure to have an enormous impact!

and how about a beautiful shed or playhouse to complete your space


May 15th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve


When a new house or apartment is made the big furniture is as important as the decorations and the small details, because nothing will look finished without these small things. It is also true that you may give a completely new look to the space when you change the small stuff inside it, instead of refurnishing the whole home from the floor to the ceiling.

With the coming of the spring, people get very enthusiastic for changes and would love to have something new and interesting in their houses. If you are doing the scheduled cleaning and you are preparing for the new season, use the chance and add special touches to your place.

In case you find your old cabinets very boring, but you have not planned to change them all just now, you can at least replace some of the doors with glass-front. They will completely change the look of the kitchen and will fresh it up. When you can see through the glass-doors, you will be more motivated to keep the things inside well ordered and thus you will have two positive effects from this change.

When there are many items, spread all over the room, this can never look good. The kitchen is once more the place that will catch the attention with the most stuff that needs to be organized. The stores offer many containers to hold things inside. They do not have to be grey and simple. You can buy very attractive containers, which will make the room look brighter and nicer.

Of course if you want to buy new stuff and change the old ones, feel free to do so. Keep in mind that you do not need to buy huge things. Your living room will look different and beautiful, if you put one small new lamp for example and donate the old to someone.

You can pick some new covers for some of the sofas and chairs in the room. Also add several new pillows in bright colors, which will make your old furniture even more comfortable.

Your walls may look perfectly painted and all, but they still can seem a little empty. This is easy to change with one or two paintings or special souvenirs that will liven up your walls.

In the bedroom you can paint the inside of the lampshades in light pink, thus making the light from the florescent bulbs, that is so annoying, milder and more welcoming. If your bed is situated in the middle of the room, you can add curtains to its sides, to make it more private and cozy.

Read more by visiting

April 22nd, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve
Original article by Jennifer Larocque translated by Deb Villeneuve
In recent years, the trend to decorating with both black and white has not ceased to maintain its popularity.
The impact can be used to add a contemporary feel to bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, living and dining rooms that marries well with almost any style.
In large or small doses, the multitude of nuances can create an elegant, luminescent, dramatic or chic feeling to the room.

Use the following ideas as inspiration for creating the ambiance that reflects your unique style.

a Black on Black atmosphere creates a statement
For those who want a total look, maximizing black to create backdrop and to avoid a heavy feeling the use of different textures and finishes plays on reflection of light to create subtle yet interesting effects, enhanced with the most subtle touch of color to keep it interesting!


March 19th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve


  The eco-friendly way of life can include many activities that we do every day. With a little effort it will be easy to discover how we can protect the nature, the environment and the air, because it is important for our children and for the well being of the planet.
People often think that what is eco-friendly is boring and dull. This is wrong because there are so many items, made from recycled materials, that look very beautiful and can do great job in your house or apartment.
While you are reading articles and you are wondering how you can partially change the looks of your home and make it unique, you should not exclude the using of pieces of art and others made from eco-friendly materials.
If you search your home you will find many things that with slight changes can be very interesting and used for decorations, because the first principle of the eco-friendly life is to use one thing over and over or recycle, instead of buying new things, made of expensive row materials and throw them. You will probably find old sheets, which can be cut and transferred to unique curtains for smaller windows like those in the kitchen. They can also be made to pillow shams. You can also sew them and make coverings for small items or even make unique gift bags, which will surely impress the people, you are giving them to.

The natural things can make great decorations. Usually in the autumn people like to collects pine cones and shells as they go to the sea during the summer. They will be brought free in your house and since you have not pay for them, you can use some more luxurious and expensive bowl with nice color and shape, which can make these simple items look like treasure. You can arrange them as you like and put them on smaller and bigger tables, shelves and anywhere you want.

Stones can be very nice decoration in a bowl as well, especially those from the river, because they are very smooth and look beautifully, when are cleaned.
You can fully replace the cut flowers with pots or artificial plants. They are surely not as good as the live ones, but you can make them look fresh and arrange them to match the rest of the room and the house, and you will have nice effect and beautiful place.

Do not stay limited only inside what is written in this article. Free your mind and let your imagination live its own life. Once you do that you will slowly start seeing ideas and items that can be used for house decoration. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on home decoration and Harringay cleaning services.



March 14th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Translated by Deb Villeneuve from an original article by Jennifer Larocque

Timelessly elegant, white can be refined, pure and subtle to give a feeling of serenity to your decor.
White enhances the feeling of space while adding a calming touch of freshness to the interior and putting the focus on light, natural and from fixtures.
To some, white is not a color but an intrinsic value while others feel it is the sum of all colors.
No matter what your school of thought, white and its multitude of variations (fawn, beige, biscuit, sand, slate, chamois, etc…) must be treated with the same respect as black and all of its shades of gray when used in decoration.
Here are a few choices which marry well with white

Living room
Wood has a warm texture which creates movement and complements a white, sparsely furnished room. Other base notes with which to add interest and depth to a room are tone on tone textiles in varying textures and area rugs in earthen colors to give a vintage feel to the room.

The white living room is a blank canvas on which the rest of the decoration (throws, furniture, carpet, lamps, etc…) combine to create a feeling.

A fireplace always creates a little happiness by bringing warmth and comfort while adding immeasurably to a room.
Add a few accessories in wood, cream or earthen colors to keep the “white chic” theme and the mood is complete!

Neutral shades are all but boring in this winter white kitchen, reminiscent of natural shades of a snowy day. The vintage style of decorating is making a come back and white makes a strong statement with the warmth of wood as an accent to give a spacious and inviting feel to this kitchen.

The feeling of this space relies heavily on the choice of colors for the accessories found throughout the kitchen (decorations, dishes, curtains, towels, etc…)
While accenting with bright colors serves to create an energetic and vibrant ambiance, the use of wood and earthen colors will create a more calming environment when combined with cool colors such as blue, green and purple.

 Avoid complications! In the bathroom take advantage of white on white with small touches of color.
An added bonus, white reflects light thus creating brightness and it also makes the space feel larger.

Although a mirror is usually standard in the bathroom, why not experiment by using a variety of mirrors on an empty wall.
Not only will this enhance the feeling of space by making the room look larger because of its reflection it is also a way to create a vintage look.
White on white creates an open and relaxing environment for this master bedroom. A pastel colored chair would be the perfect way to accent a reading corner in the room


January 27th, 2013
By Vivian Martin

Don’t let your home blend into the background — even if you’re not in the market for changing your exterior color scheme, a new coat of paint on your front door could be just the makeover your home needs. Learn which color, from unexpected purple to bright yellow to elegant black, will work best on your exterior door.


Follow this slideshow for front door color inspiration…

January 2nd, 2013
By Vivian Martin

Make 2013 the year you increase your happiness at home with resolutions that will get you motivated to finish lagging projects, learn new skills and add more pizzazz to your space. Sure, you can resolve to clear clutter (see number four below for a fresh way to do that), but that’s not the only way to make a fresh start around the house this year. Let these 13 design resolutions in the slide show below jump-start your inspiration…



December 14th, 2012
By Vivian Martin

Opposites attract us like never before, exerting a magnetic pull on the spectrum. Sherwin-Williams puts today’s color mood under the microscope to reveal dueling influences for every taste. Just take a look at the delicious palettes that 2013 offers!




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