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January 9th, 2014
By Deb Villeneuve

Having evolved from the original design of plan 2759, this model version integrates a much requested modification with brick in front that meets the requirements of certain municipalities.

This change enhances the look of the original, with a beautiful porch that has wide steps and double doors. Inside, the large foyer complete with generous closet space is a practical feature that is so popular with today’s families.

The main floor opens onto a well thought out kitchen complete with pantry, central island and a beautiful dining room that shares a fireplace with the living room. A lovely home office space and separate laundry area complete the features of this level.

Upstairs, the bedrooms are of a comfortable size, the smallest of which is 10’ x 11’. Although a corner shower is suggested for the bathroom, there is enough room to accommodate a pedestal bath if that’s more appealing.

September 5th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Inspired by the popular plan 3133, this version is particularly suited to those for whom the convenience of having everything on the same level, whether due to advanced age or other considerations, takes precedence over the number of bedrooms required.

The three bedrooms of the original plan become two as the third is replaced with a laundry/utility room in which a large counter complete with sink and place for a separate freezer are practical features that are sure to be appreciated by the occupants.

Naturally, this “baby boomer” approach includes the addition of a nicely sized garage that has service entrances in the front and rear with direct access to the basement. The 100 square feet added to the main level enhances the comfort and size of the rooms including an open, well fenestrated activities area complete with a fireplace in the center. Another wonderful feature of this plan is the abundant storage space and kitchen island. There is a practical, double vanity in a bathroom that boasts a separate, corner tub an a 3′ x 6′ shower enclosure.

A well considered choice for homeowners who know what they want!

September 4th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Translation and adaptation by Deb of an original post by Marie-France Roger

Building a home is a major investment which consumes large amounts of financial resources as well as time. Here are the main steps to take to ensure that you live through your project with the least amount of stress possible.

Financing: Start out knowing your borrowing capacity from your financial institution early in the process to avoid disappointments based on unrealistic ideas about how much you can obtain. It is not recommended to exceed 30% to 40% of the family income with regards to the total of home expenses as a commitment that exceeds 40% will probably have a negative impact on your quality of life

Design: Once a budget has been established and municipal regulations have been consulted, take the time to list the rooms and other specifics that you want in your new home (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, with or without a garage, vestibule and/or mud room, kitchen island, etc.)
Once you have this list, you can consult the stock plans on our web site,
Our technical specialists can help you design the home that meets your needs by personalizing the plan of your choice to add or change any of its features.

The build:Take the time to consult friends and family to find a reputable contractor and don’t be afraid to check references. Ask to see finished projects and be ready to go and visit them in order to see the quality of the workmanship and to speak with the new homeowners about the contractor if at all possible. Obtain quotes from at least 2 or 3 contractors to get a good idea of realistic costs for your project.
If a pre-fabricated home is what you are looking for you can bring your plan to a reputable builder in your area as many manufacturers are able to quote a price based on a plan even if it’s not their own design.

Construction licence: Permit requirements vary enormously from one area to the next so it is of utmost importance to consult the municipal requirements of your city early in the process to ensure that the plans you choose conform.  Set back, distance from neighbors, ridge height, color and type of exterior materials are among the criteria that you must know before selecting your plan to avoid disappointments and delays in getting started.

Analyse the different quotes to choose the contractor who will build the “home of your dreams”. Take the time to scrutinize the construction contract in detail to ensure that everything is there. Payment schedule, lead times, prices before taxes, what is included and what are considered extras, guarantees, etc…
If in doubt, ask questions and get signatures on the contract. Above all take nothing for granted and if it is not clear you are better to spend the time exchanging Emails or other written confirmation than to have unpleasant surprises come and tarnish the beauty of your project.

We would love to hear from you about your own experiences…


June 20th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

In an attempt to enhance the quality of construction with regards to energy efficiency, economy, Drummond House Plans proposes a new and innovative approach to ecologically and ergonomically designed house plans that include pertinent details on how to achieve an Environmentally Superior home or chalet.
Case in point, plan 2939-ES, whose details include specifications on optimal orientation to inhibit the harsh rays of the sun in the summer and benefiting from this passive heat source in the winter months while taking maximum advantage of the surrounding panoramic view. Learn invaluable ways to plan your landscaping to make full use of rain water, shade benefits of some trees and wind breaking characteristics of others.
Discover the best ways to make use of the ever increasing number of “recycled” construction materials and be assured that your contractor uses the best practices when it comes to recovering the inevitable waste materials from your project.
Environmentally Superior designs include details about construction methods using low V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) and the installation of the best suited HVAC components to ensure a healthy living environment with optimal air quality and humidity management.
Details of how to reduce energy consumption start with the construction methods used for the foundation and extend to choosing the best appliances and appropriate lighting. Certified fixtures, such as an on demand water heater, can contribute to energy savings by limiting excessive consumption of this costly resource.
To enhance the aging in place aspect of this home, plan 2939-ES is designed for day to day living on the same level. The main floor boasts an entrance foyer, a kitchen with a movable island, a living/dining room complete with cathedral ceiling and place for a fireplace or wood burning stove. The master bedroom is complete with a private bathroom and a laundry area close by.
Another thoughtful aspect of this design is the 4’ wide hallway and a linear staircase that can be fitted with an elevator to access the second floor if need be to adapt the home for a mobility restrained occupant. The bathroom in the master bedroom can be fitted with all of the required security features in the event that this becomes necessary.

Discover 3240-ES, designed with the same concept in mind, we look forward to hearing your comments about this new trend in more livable homes!

May 31st, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

In the near future, Drummond House Plans will be introducing plan models with the ES suffix


What does ES mean?

ES is short for Environmentally Superior.

We’re not just talking about the “green” respect for the environment as in the use of ecologically responsible materials and practices aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the project but also the living environment within.


What makes a house plan Environmentally Superior?

From the choice of local suppliers to reduce transportation of materials, and the resulting use of fuels with the inherent damage to the ozone layer, to the use of salvaged materials such as recycled drywall and paint, giving them a second life.

Optimal ventilation systems, low VOC products are designed and enhanced insulation as well as orientation that takes advantage of the passive elements of the environment surrounding the home which includes plantings outside that respect the local weather conditions and water requirements to help take the burden off  of mechanical heating and cooling systems while adding to the natural beauty of the exterior environment and the livability of the interior environment.

An ES home includes planning for the recycling of the on site waste which is an inherent part of any building project.

But there’s more…

An ES design has not only today’s comfort in mind but also looks to the future with an adaptability of design that can evolve with the occupants’ needs over the years.

A three bedroom home may no longer be practical as the owner’s become empty nesters and the need for an enlarged bathroom may arise due to mobility issues. Hallways have also been designed to accommodate special requirements that may develop over time.

The Environmentally Superior concept has a global vision of optimization of all that touches the home owner inside and out, for now and in the future.


In the upcoming weeks, we will be posting these exciting new designs on our site and we invite you to share your comments or questions with us.


May 8th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Inspired by the basic 2133 model, this beautiful home has retained the curb appeal, the inviting porch and the symmetrical gable design of the original but the added projection to the right side not only enhances the dining area with well fenestrated square footage it also adds enough space to accommodate three bedrooms on the main floor.
There is a surprisingly large closet in the angled, brightly lit entrance foyer. The open activities area is functional, with its large lunch island, and well lit because of the many windows throughout the living/dining space.
The three bedrooms are arranged around a well appointed bathroom with separate bath and corner shower. A laundry area on the main floor is another convenient feature which is sure to please the occupants.

April 25th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

The budget conscious construction of this home combined with its ample spaces both inside and out offer exceptional value

The depth of the garage permits outside access to the basement stairs and the “L” shaped, covered veranda adds balance. The inside of the home is arranged around a strategically located staircase to maximize the square footage of living space. The result is a first floor whose entrance foyer and kitchen/living/dining areas are bathed in natural light to create a truly beautiful floor plan. The addition of a shower to the first floor bathroom/laundry area is sure to please.

On the second floor, the placement of the stairs permits maximization of the space for the three bedrooms and a master bedroom complete with a walk-in closet. The full bathroom boasts a separate bath and shower which is much appreciated by many home owners.

March 28th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Inspired by numerous requests for the addition of a garage to our popular chalet, plan 2957, Drummond House Plans suggests this beautiful cottage with a revamped floor plan that moves the kitchen closer to an added garage.
From the outside, the addition of a garage gives plan 2957-V2 an appealing look to the front of the home while maintaining the same attractive features in back.
Significant changes have been brought to the inside appointment of the home from the relocation of the kitchen to the exceptional master suite with its private bathroom, double closets and view of the back through two glass doors.

The activities area with its ample fenestration and cathedral ceiling in the living room along with a fireplace in the living/dining rooms are features that are sure to please. The large kitchen island and a separate laundry area on the main level as well as a powder room just off of the main entrance also enhance the livability of this home.
Upstairs, two comfortable bedrooms and a separate bathroom with a shower and a hallway that opens onto a mezzanine and a bonus space that can be converted to a 4th bedroom if required.

March 14th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

Inspired by the 3108 series of plans that features 3108-V1 with its finished basement and 3108-V2 that includes an attached garage, the designer has integrated the most popular features to offer a three bedroom version that is as functional as it is attractive.

It features a beautiful wrap around balcony, whose “L” shape shelters the two entrances to which it gives access. The service entrance, with its own closet, opens onto the kitchen and is practical in the summer months while the front entrance foyer off of the living room, with its separate door to help keep the cold out of the home, offers room to store coats and other winter accessories.

Inside, the open activities area has a central island in the kitchen. The dining room features a built in china cabinet and there is a built in entertainment unit in the living room. A triple patio door and a separate powder room /laundry are all is sure to please!

Three bedrooms on the main floor one of which, that could easily be used as a home office, has access doors to both the main entrance and the bedroom areas. The master bedroom boasts his and hers closets, one a walk-in, and a private entrance to the well appointed bathroom that includes a 5′ x 4′ shower, a double vanity and a freestanding bathtub.


February 28th, 2013
By Deb Villeneuve

From the most popular modifications to plan 3235 has evolved model 3235-V2 which our designer has developed meet the needs of many of its future buyers.The main feature is the relocation of the staircase that adds almost two feet to the width of the garage and nearly three feet to the living room’s width thus permitting the addition of a corner fireplace.

The change from three bedrooms to two offers space for a laundry area on the main floor that’s complete with storage and a counter. The kitchen’s unique styling offers ample counter space and a full width island. The bathroom boasts a larger shower and the attractive covered terrace, accessible from the dining room, is sure to please.

The curb appeal of this home is enhanced by the addition of stone work on the front face and the darker shades of doors and windows add a dramatic touch.


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