Modern Kitchen Design Tips and Ideas

Modern Kitchen Design Tips and Ideas

A guest post by Grace Bailey edited by Deb Villeneuve

The purchase of a new home means you will likely want to change a few things around, especially if you happened to purchase it free of any furnishings. Your kitchen is likely to be one of the first areas where you’d focus your attention, since its a central spot in any household that receives a lot of traffic. You need to make sure your kitchen is both practical in nature and well-designed in terms of aesthetics. One of the more popular choices when it comes to kitchens is contemporary design. In this article we will cover what defines it in an easily understandable way.

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One of the first things you need to notice and take into account is that it’s quite different from the more traditional designs of kitchens. It has a decidedly minimalist look which carries functionality above all, so its not a look meant for everyone. Although it may appear unwelcoming to some, it all depends on the materials used and the colors behind them. Steel, glass and other materials used may come in different colors, so one can experience a different look overall. This article will give help you with modern kitchen design tips and ideas that will let your personal style show through. Let’s start with the first of the materials used in contemporary kitchen design:


One of the most used materials in such designs, glass offers a good minimalist approach to a lot of surfaces, mostly concerning cabinets, shelving and even countertops. Due to its ease of cleaning this makes it a good choice, however it should be noted that it may also scratch and its surface may mar in time. Teapots, lights, vases, spice racks and more are all excellent additions to any kitchen design, creating a crystalline look that stands out.


Stainless steel is one of the first options people choose due to its excellent properties against rust and humidity. Although it’s used in a number of appliances, such as stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators and so forth, it can look a bit cold. Opt for brass or copper if you a warmer, more wholesome look and still stick to contemporary design overall.


You may add a lot of character with the addition of wood in your materials used. The warmth of natural wood cannot be underestimated, so you can gain a lot from it. Maple, cherry and other darker wood can be perfect for a warmer design, especially when combined with warm-colored metals like copper and brass. Whether you feel wood is a good choice is up to you, but cabinets and counter tops made of it will make the place a lot more welcoming.


Lighting is very important when dealing with such designs, so you will have to use recessed lights if you want to keep things subtle, yet interesting to behold. If you really don’t like those you can stick to the traditional lights as long as they follow the same style and looks and they are made of glass and metal or something that fits the hues of the room.

Marble and Granite

These two materials are used often in counter tops, but they can work out for a whole lot more than that. Considering their cool and classy look, as well as varieties in color, they can really change a boring old kitchen into something out of a magazine.


One thing is usually very typical about contemporary design and that is its colors are usually cool and more akin to grays, whites, blues and blacks as well as some shades of pale green. Such solutions feel close to the heart of the urbanite, however you don’t really need to stick to the corporate look if you feel you need more zest in your color scheme.

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