Clever Home Organizing Tips

A guest post by Grace Bailey

There are many reasons why we need better organization around our home, but one of the major ones is the simple fact that we barely use most of what we own so if  you simply want to keep your home more organized, the following tips may prove helpful:


Garage Ceiling Storage
Since the garage is usually one of the prime storage spaces around our home, using its ceiling as a location for storage can be an extremely useful move. All it takes is some preparations and you will have more space than you could have thought possible. The key to this lies in making sets of carriages imitating rails, combined with large plastic bins that will hang overhead. Naturally, that means you will not be able to store objects that are far too heavy, but this space will prove useful when you need it.


Storing Yarn
If you are a person who loves to knit or crochet, then you know how much of a mess yarn can become unless you organize it properly. If you want to counteract this, you will need to create a useful storage. Thankfully, you can find a solution in using coffee canisters placed horizontally on your wall to serve as housing for your different colors of yarn. You will never have to dig through piles when all you need is right in front of you.


Although it doesn’t exactly look amazing and it reminds us of retail stores, pegboard can be very useful when we’re storing and organizing crafting supplies. If you have a small room you have dedicated for your studio or your closet acts as a storage for such materials, pegboard might be the perfect solution.


Tension Rods
Although those are more commonly used to hang shower curtains, they can also be used in a number of ways around your kitchen. Whether you want to use them as dividers in your cabinets or something else, they can be easily adapted to hang your spray bottles under the sink. Neat and easy to reach, this solution will give you all the access you need minus the digging through bottles part.


Magnetic Racks for Kitchen Utensils
If you have a lot of utensils that need a place to stay, you could set them up by using a magnetic rack for quick and easy access. The only thing you need is a magnetized strip to keep them attached to the wall. It looks interesting and it is useful at the same time.



Stylish Pot Racks

Hang Kitchen Utensils
If you have pots and pans which can be attached to a hook, you can simply hang them overhead so they won’t crowd your cabinets or counter tops. You can find such hooks in stores or even make them yourself if you are inclined toward such things.


Magnetic Spice Racks
These can be attached to the door of your fridge, making them easy to find and easy to work with. They are essentially small containers with a magnetic bottom and a see-through plastic lids.


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