Elegance, depth and full of potential!

Oak Lane

A double garage in the front of this cottage complements its distinctly elegant styling. The double dormers above the garage and the covered porch that raises the entrance enhance the volume and add emphasis to the right.

A delightful terrace on the second level, that spans the width of the rear, adds cover to the patio below which is accessible through the family room or the kitchen and the master bedroom upstairs has its own access to the terrace with secondary access from the 4th bedroom / home office.

The 30’ width does not interfere with the comfort of the layout of this floor plan because of the strategic placement an open stairwell that is bathed in natural light. A sunken living room, complete with fireplace, is another visually enhancing effect of the well thought out floor plan of this beautiful home.

Upstairs the 4th bedroom/home office space off of the mezzanine, a linen closet and the three other bedrooms, including a master suite that has double glass doors out to the terrace and a walk-in closet, are features that are sure to increase the enjoyment of this home for the occupants.

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