We do more than sell house plans

Recently, we received an Email from a satisfied couple who wanted to share their successful renovation project with us.

These before pictures are of Chantal and Jacques home in a rural Quebec village


This courageous couple wanted to take part in the actual “re-birth” of their home which ended up keeping them busy 7 days a week for 7 months.

They hired our modifications people to work with them to create the plan for the home of their dreams and retained the services of a general contractor to accomplish the lion’s share of the project and to build a detached garage to match.

According to the couple, without the help of family and friends the project would not have seen the light of day. Not only was the removal of the white siding required but they discovered a second, gray siding that also had to be eliminated.

They were forced to work against the clock until the beginning of July to take out the old roof. Despite the occasional thunderstorm, from which they protected the home with a tarp, much of the project took place under a warm and sunny sky.

All 43 of the windows and 8 doors, two of which are garage doors,  were changed

Both of the solariums were completely re done and Jacques took care of all of the electrical and plumbing work himself.

The contour of the home was drained  and a membrane was installed over the existing foundation.

The couple is proud of their accomplishment and generously sent these photos that we are happy to share with you.

Our modifications and renovations team would be happy to help you to create the perfect plan as well.


There are 4 comments for this article
    • Deb at 10 h 35 min

      We are always happy to receive the photos that our clients so generously share with us and look forward to sharing more of them with the visitors to our site

  1. Alex at 10 h 44 min

    You have done a great job!It is always important to have happy and satisfied clients. It’s sure that they will share their experience with other people.

    • Deb at 11 h 31 min

      Thank you for your comment
      We do strive to make our customers’ experience the best possible and are proud to offer exceptional customer service.

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