Plan of the Week – “Single-level, bi-generational”

Plan of the Week – “Single-level, bi-generational” - Plan # 3043 - Plan # 3043

Following the increasing demand for houses that allow semi-independent living of multiple generations, Drummond is happy to offer this model which is ideal when families want to be close but have independent living spaces.

Discover efficient internal organization resulting in attractive living spaces. On the family side, one need only note the beautiful living room with fireplace, and lovely kitchen / dinette with large windows and front view. Each of the models provides good size bedrooms, the presence of a common laundry room on the ground floor and functional bathrooms.

Each suite has a private entry and allows for easy access but independence of each suite. Of course, one should check with their municipality or planning department to ensure that secondary attached suites are allowed in local zoning.

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This model is also available in a three-bedroom model (3042).  

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  1. vmartin at 14 h 47 min

    Thank you for your feedback and comments. Studying other cultures often provides fresh perspective in the world of design. When the recession was at its worst, we had many requests from families wanting to pool resources and add on to existing homes. Now that the economy is moving along again, we seem to be back in the normal stride of what people look fore. Just an observation… Here in North America, many of our multi-generational (or multi-family) designs tend to be semi-detached, but on the same level. In parts of Europe and other countries, the system of “flats” (aka duplex or tri-plex) is more prevalent with the older generations living closer to ground level. I experienced this first-hand in Germany. The younger and more nimble the generation, the higher up they lived. As our population is aging, many families are once again looking at pooling resources or simply living closer together for peace of mind.

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